A blogger’s first time

Job searches to date: 1000000067

Number of spots: 2

Cups of tea: 3

No. of blogs: 1st

After being advised by several people about starting up a blog for venting my writing desires I have decided to join the blogging world. This is my first attempt and I am hoping I will keep it up (and get more interesting)

As rainy September afternoon’s go this one is as uneventful and slightly grey as the rest. I find myself having finished yet another day of caring for the elderly; a job which I love but is growing rather weary on account of the unsociable hours and rather difficult trips to Tesco which is apparently the older person’s playground. This is not a career path I want but it was a convenient money-earner whilst at uni, coincidentally I have since finished uni and my plans have been rather painfully brought to a halt by reality.

University seemed to me the best option after sixth form, and it was! Fabulous times had and even more fabulous friends found. However in my own mind it was also the key to begin working as a journalist (I chose comparative literature) and I foolishly thought it would be a real attraction for potential employers looking for enthusiastic graduates looking to write about anything. And yet I find myself still in a HUGE overdraft, working 2 or 3 days a week and cleaning for my mum for extra money. Not the uni after-life I had in mind.

I am now currently sitting in front of my laptop, my 3rd cup of tea on the go, trawling through gumtree and monster for jobs which are remotely involved with journalism or writing. (Currently the number of jobs is 0)

I am however quickly learning people want me if I work for free and call it work experience, I have finally been accepted by my local paper, but I am informed by the rather bad-tempered correspondent from the paper that I will not get a job from the end of the week.


Back to drinking tea and searching job sites on my laptop but at least with a new addition to my CV, inching me a small, incy wincey step closer to getting a job which I am actually interested in.

At least this is the new plan. Hmmmm


thoughts please..

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