Living in the freezer

Blog no: 4

Cups of tea: 2

No. of infections: 1, wisdom teeth are being a pain (literally)

No. of new job offers: Big fat 0

Brrrr. Is it me or is october colder than usual? Thank god for Ford and their heated windscreens. This early cold weather can only mean one thing: another snowy winter (yay) but bad news if you, like me, have to drive for a living or hate the absolute carnage snow brings to our small floating island. I feel like Im literally living in the freezer as its so cold, Cold is my worst temperature choice but ironic as I absolutely love swooshing down the slops of snow at 100mph (I wish)

As a snow boarder I welcome the snow with open arms (covered in thermal snow clothing). I love walking with the dogs in white fields and the fabulous way snow covers everything, making it look lovely and picturesque. However I hate the way our council is so unprepared, closing schools and important buildings due to a light sprinkling; the french certainly wouldn’t put up with the fuss our local authorities make about abit of snow. Let’s hope they pick their feet up this winter and learn from our European friends so we can cope abit better with our changing climate.

I write this blog, with a new infection (ergh), on a break from a mediocre but paying care job, which I have just had to re-apply for despite my intentions of finding a new job. It is also the day after the government budget, I literally cannot escape the news as its THE popular choice amongst the older generation, and it all appears to be doom and gloom.

I knew I should have trained to be a teacher. Damn my lack of patience.

It seems jobs are going to be even fewer and local authorities, including the one I work for, are suffering cuts hence my job re-application and the threat to close down local clubs and community support. One particular club which faces being closed thanks to the new proposals is the Red Cross centre, run by volunteers five days a week to look after, socialize and generally care for the older and more vulnerable or sick people in Buckingham and surrounding villages. Most of the people I care for on an (almost) daily basis attend this club, and sing high praises for the cooked meals and entertainment put on everyday by the big-hearted volunteers who make such a big difference to the older members of society. However, despite the good this club does for people who would otherwise sit alone all day and never have contact with anyone except their carer twice a day, the government have decided it is too expensive to continue.

The small fee of £2.50 per day includes transport there and back from all surrounding villages and the cooked dinners, not including the yoga teachers or activities they have, so I don’t understand why the cost is too high to run such a vital day club. There is a petition to keep the red cross centre open in Buckingham, which I fully support, but it won’t just be our local centre which faces closing after the budget was released.

The new government spout alot of guff about targeting the wealthier and protecting the poor but this example of directly affecting the poorer and more vulnerable is a complete contradiction to their so-called aim. With all this going on the elderly of Buckinghamshire are also going to face losing their regular and well-loved carers soon as our job positions have been advertised in papers and we have all individually been asked to re-apply for a ‘re-ablement’ scheme which will have us rehabilitating people who have just left hospital, to live in their homes independently without the need for careers. Sounds intriguing but has an absolute rubbish wordy non-name ‘re-ablement’.

As if I wasn’t trying hard enough to find another job, the job I have is trying to kindly let me go completely or ask me to change job description. I am grateful to have A job however.

In other Isaac-related news the smaller, but tallest Isaac has a new job (congrats) which means I can officially get free boarding. yay! And a trip to London last weekend resulted in watching Avenue Q which is so funny, definitely recommend it to grown up children! I have also received my first supposed Christmas present in the form of Russell Brand (I wish) ‘s new auto-biography (I shall be lending it to you Vince as soon as Iv read it 🙂 and cannot wait to begin reading after I finish Larrsson’s last of the millennium trilogy novels ‘The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest’. Which by the way I urge EVERYONE to read as they are such well-written and gripping novels and, despite their sheer volume, such easy (ignore the swedish) and quick reads I  want more from them, however this is slightly impossible.

Anyway I shall restore order by going back to work now, Happy birthday to luce for the weekend 🙂


thoughts please..

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