Just another Mundane Thursday

Blogs: 5

Cups of coffee: 1 reluctantly drunk at a client’s. It was made with a coffee bag!? and finished with double cream instead of milk. lovely

No. of spots: miraculously none!

Just finished another Thursday at work, my fourth 7am start in a row and I am seriously beginning to hate waking before the sun even bothers to rise.

Note to self: do not take a job which will involve a two hour commute to avoid future 7am starts.

Despite my love and compassion for most of my elderly people I am growing sick of the job very quickly and desperately need something new. To enhance (possibly) my chances of a new job prospect I have just emailed none other than Dragon’s Den James Caan at his (almost) personal email account after applying for a position with his web recruit company in Oxford.

Now I do not believe for one second he will reply but he offers his services on an almost daily basis to anyone who follows him on linked in or has, like myself, applied for work within his company. He writes group messages and encourages you to ask him for advice if you’re unemployed, feel too old to apply for a new position or have any other question which is mildly business related Mr Caan answers directly and opens the question up to the floor of employers and general fat cats he has working for him or are linked to his company and they either offer positions this way or advice.

So as I tuck into my mini pizza I wait for the reply which may never come I wonder where I am going wrong  with my job search. My mum suggest I am too fussy looking for work specifically involving writing or editing in some form but if I go for any old job in retail or Tesco then I am moving further away from what I want to do. I was once told working for the county council looks good on your CV, and so far no-one is interested in my current position and not one employer has even asked me about my job working with the elderly. Despite my enjoyment in the job (most of the time) not one person is interested; clearly working for your council does not hold the importance I was informed it did.

In other more interesting news, is Nov 5th too early to start the dreaded christmas shop!? I have very understanding friends and we like secret santa instead of gifts for all  so its only family that need purchasing for. So I thought start early; wrap early. finish early.

As a Christmas lover and festive frolic fan I am all for christmas and still insist on having an advent calender, mulled wine and dad-made mince pies etc. BUT I object to shops starting early with their decorations and cheap deal ‘stocking fillers’ and other rubbish people are obliged to buy for their nearest and dearest. Its a depressing reminder of how quickly another year has finished and ruins the festive season by extending it for 4 months before it should actually start.

With all that said I still plan hypocritically to start the shop next friday. Best to get in there before anyone else 🙂

Cup of tea me thinks.


thoughts please..

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