The Winter coat is finally here

Cups of tea: 2

No. of job interviews: 1 (ish)

Tax rebate: 1, very pleasantly sent to me

After a lovely but rather chilly Halloween weekend on a Cornish beach, armed with fireworks and rather tame sparklers I was forced to the conclusion it was time for the dreaded winter coat shop as the gillet was simply not adequate.

Every year this time comes around like a slap in the face which is ironic as I am fully prepared and aware of how cold winter is, and each year I end up stressed and grumpy because nothing ever suits me and anything which is meant to go over the top of thick wools end up making me look like a barrel. I am quite happy in my (mum’s) gillet or snowboarding jacket when out walking the dogs. However there does come a time which calls for a more formal piece of warm outer wear and my trusty warm ski coat cannot fill this requirement. Nor can my 4 year old suede (er-hum) black coat or the green wool mix bomber jacket, which seemed like such a good idea for me and my cousin at the time, as we both ended up purchasing the same jacket (good taste runs in the family)

So I had managed to put this shop off until last weekend, and with a rather pleasant tax rebate I was armed with money and had the intention of buying an investment piece which is essentially timeless so I can avoid the dreaded coat shop for a few years, so long as I don’t balloon out and can’t fit into it. I dragged my poor manfriend around all day and finally after I have tried on all the coats in the world, or atleast in MK, the last shop we dare venture into I find my ideal coat. And I actually like it.

I am not usually the difficult shopper and I always know what I want, but coats throw me. Camel is the big ‘In’ colour this season, however according to my beloved “It aged” me so camel was not an option. Nor was boring black, or purple or grey and I didn’t want a tweed jacket as that would be useless as a winter wrap.

So I stropped my way through Mango, Ted baker and Warehouse pulling faces at every item of outer ware they considered a coat. Until I visited my mecca- Topshop. And this is where I purchased my new brown triple breasted button coat complete with skinny belt and zip pockets. Practical, fashionable AND very warm, as tested on bonfire night, and I could not be more happy with my winter coat purchase. Whether or not it will actually last me more than one year is another matter, but at least I have faced my fashion demon head on and defeated it rather successfully.

And it compliments my pink rockstar wellies rather well. Result


thoughts please..

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