You’re hired!

Cups of tea: not enough

No. of hours spent with the olds: too many

No. of christmas presents purchased AND wrapped: all

As an avid viewer of The Apprentice and HUGE fan of Lord sugar, or Sir Alan, I am loving the new series. I still fantasize that one day I too could be pulled up in the boardroom in front of Lord Sugar for some massive business error and beg him for forgiveness as I know his business(es) would only succeed and thrive with my (er-hum) business knowledge, a la stuart ‘the brand’ baggs. Hmm

Next week the finalists are going to endure the hardest looking interviews with the most hard-faced and cruel business men and women to become Lord Sugar’s next lap dog, and this got me thinking; it didn’t matter how hard these bunch of try-hard businessy types have tried in the tasks everything comes down to the interview and how well you perform under odd questioning and the serious enthusiasm you have to display for whatever position it is you want.

I have recently had an interview for a job which I’m hoping willingly takes me away from being a carer and getting up before the bloomin’ sun and puts me in the office position and slightly more experience for my CV. However, before the job offers begin you have the hurdle of impressing and wowing the judge aka. the interviewer, who is inevitably judging your every move, appearance and answer to their questions about difficult situations etc.

It all sounds so easy in theory and in conversation before the interview, but even for the most confident and enthusiastic among us who do not struggle to make conversation with anyone (myself included in that) for some reason the whole interview situation turns even the most chatty of us into burbling wrecks of ‘um’s’ and ‘errrs’, dramatic pauses and even the odd red flush.

The annoying thing about these interviews is they are your vital gateway into not being broke and to paying off student debts, and yet everyone appears to mess them up or come out thinking “Crap, I bet he or she doesn’t usually pause like that”

and other such worries that make you sure that the job you may have wanted was just given to the one in a million person who can actually hold it together in an odd interview situation and doesn’t appear to get verbal diarrhea when asked ” When was the last time you worked within a team”.

I left mine thinking the former, and can’t help but wish that the interviewer could see me in another situation that doesn’t involve sitting opposite to them and trying hard to think of answers which would usually be so easy for a chatty person such as my self to answer. I have no problem talking and yet seem to find it hard to talk when actually asked.

If only life were more simple and we could all just work where we liked without the hassle of being hired and fired.

I hope Lord Sugar reads this 🙂


thoughts please..

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