Wouldn’t the world be a better place

*Apologies for the lack of blogging dear friends. New years resolution is to blog weekly- I promise

I write this as I start the third week of my grown-up job (project administrator) and I findmyself using smart phones, dressing in proper grown up clothes (shoes with heels) and tweeting that bit too much, which is where I came across my blog subject for this week; Mr kenneth tong.

He caused an uproar amongst the twitter world, the likes of lily allen and simon cowell (imposter) trying their hardest to get him shut down off twitter, alot of british artists, example and prof green, were throwing their two-pence worth in too asking who he was, what was wrong with him? People were generally offended by his comments, hitting back at him with insults about his trouser size, lack of career etc. And the reason for their anger?

His philosophy ‘thin is best’. Kenneth was promoting size zero and claiming to sell an ‘Anorexia pill’ which was guaranteed to work, all you had to do was skip meals and take his supplement. He came across completely superficial and as shallow as a puddle, claiming he had slept with hundreds of women and was only successful due to his slim physique. His appearance was the key to his success (In my opinion I really doubt it was)

A re-tweet one morning from him was ‘ Do not eat breakfast. You do not deserve the food. Skip that meal and keep up your efforts’. Rather a hard comment to swallow in a image obsessed society such as ours; he was saying out loud what thousands of girls around the world are actually doing. The taboo subject anorexia is rather hard to approach at the best of times, and all Kenneth was doing was telling girls what they wanted to hear- being thin is achievable if you are willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING. In some cases girls were tweeting that their boyf’s had left them so that was inspiration to get thinner- quicker as they must have been so unattractive in their current state. Such rubbish! Others were saying their girlfriends had turnt bitchy and didn’t want to know them- of course, as Kenneth claimed, it was just jealousy and they weren’t worth it.

As we begin a new year with resolutions we will only keep for 3 weeks, lots of my own friends have the same (slightly midler) obsession with losing weight and staying thin! I can relate to this completely as I myself, as well as many of my close friends, obsess about weight and clothes size. Its an incredibly annoying habit to take up- but impossible to break once you start fixating on calories and not giving into your chocolate cravings everyday (one mars bar has 560calories!)

Interestingly enough it was the celebs on twitter who were so offended by Kenneth’s comments, and yet who stick to regimented diets and restrict their bodies to certain food types to maintain the ‘showbiz’ image which Kenneth was merely encouraging (albeit in a very misinformed way). Kenneth has now revealed his cruel comments and disgusting ploy to encourage anorexia as ‘This is best’ as being merely a social experiment to see how long it would take him to be the most popular trend, and most talked about in the media. Not that this makes up for his weird ways but he then donated a ‘sizeable amount’ to an anorexia charity to make up for his behaviour!

It would be nice to think that this year 2011, could be the year that actually it doesn’t matter what clothes size you are, or if your hips are out of proportion (in your mind) with your body. The world could be a nicer or happier place if people, including myself, didn’t feel guilty for eating crisps once a week or desperate to walk for an hour after eating croissants for breakfast on a saturday!

Life is really too short to sweat the small stuff, and vanity should definitely be considered one of the smaller worries in life!


thoughts please..

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