from couch potato to 5k runner

Cups of coffee: 450 (due to posh coffee being brought into the office)

No. of cakes made: 2

No. of cakes eaten: lost count!

Its dreary February, the cold has set in for what seems like FOREVER and every so often, like today, we see a glimpse of the sun and are reminded of the glorious summer. However summer seems very far away!

I am however using this to my advantage, as summer is along time away and I have decided (along with Helen and now Carla) to run the race for life in June. Now when agreeing to this ‘race’ I thought ‘5k isn’t very far at all and Willen lake is flat!’ I can do this.

I was then directed to the runnersworld, by my aunty who is an enthusiast when it comes to all things jogging and marathon like, and downloaded a runners schedules for beginners. A 6 week plan for building up fitness levels to 5k standard. Excellent was the first thing that popped into my head as I saw its three day a week schedule, and the words for Monday ‘rest’. I can definitely do resting! I did go to yoga but that’s fine as it is nowhere near the league of running!

‘Rest’ was like music to my ears, and so I continue with this feeling of confidence as I begin my training tonight with the first run of the year (for me) I am even going to download an app which can time me as the schedule advises running and walking for 1 minute x 10.

Tomorrow however my confidence may be knocked as my shins remind me that once you stop its even harder to get back in the saddle.

For now though I am secretly pleased I have months to gain enough fitness to participate in a fantastic race for a great cause, as breast cancer becomes one of the most common cancers among women.

As it comes closer I shall be requesting sponsorship for such a fab cause! For now though I shall keep the training updates coming in.


thoughts please..

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