a runner’s diary

So as I begin my quest to fitness (some level of) in training for a 5k run in june the first week went something like this:

Monday: Successful rest day, went to yoga

Tues: ran & walked for 25mins
Wed: another successful restm (did ironing. Non-strenuous)

Thurs: jogged & walked in the rain but didn’t measure distance very well & only went for 24mins

Fri: drove to cornwall, cliff-walked (v.tiring as they appear mountainous compared to the hills I jog up)

Sat & sun: defied schedule which said “rest” & cliff walked again. Proud

The training so far is going well if I do say so myself! Will keep it up this week, sunday may be a difficult jog as birthday celebrations may take its toll on training!

I also realize I am in danger of over- training in the months running up to june (no pun intended) & lose interest resulting in no training happening in june & the actual run becomes such a struggle. Hopefully will overcome this!


thoughts please..

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