Curb your *snacking enthusiasm

Cups of Coffee: 45 (I blame the coffee machine for making such a good cup)

Cakes eaten: 2 (truth!)

No. of birthdays: 1

As I begin Week two of my runner’s schedule I am upholding a positive attitude, AND keeping to the schedule rather successfully! I did get out and run for the advised 25 mins and timed myself exact to the schedule, albeit I struggled. Alot. This may have had something to do with the fact that I only ran twice last week, ate my body weight in buffet food on Saturday and slept for about 30 hours over the weekend, instead of keeping up the training. This is what happens when you turn 22 (or so Im told)

So I begin this week as I mean to go on- with the added advantage(!?) of giving up bread and eating healthy salads for lunch at work- counter balances the large coffee consumption.

I am assuming giving up bread will make me feel less heavy, making me lighter on my feet, finding running easier! Like running on clouds

The only downside I always find when giving up the lovely filling deliciousness that is bread, is that I am hungry. Always.

I love snacking on popcorn, nuts, anything salty and this seems to escalate when I have given up something else. It seems that all I can think about is crisps and other delicious snacking foods, I need to overcome this and seriously curb my snacking before it gets out of control.

Off now to eat my bodyweight in monster munch. Until next time….


thoughts please..

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