post-holiday pre-race week

Cups of coffee: 2 (honest)

Days into lent: 6

accidents involving eating bread: 1

I apologise for not blogging since before my holiday (which was fabulous) I have been busy trying to fit in training amongst seeing friends and generally recovering from training!

Last friday I ran for 21 minutes and for 2.5 miles which for me was such an achievement (and exhausting) I didn’t think I ‘d make it! I am also aware that those athletic among you (you odd species) that this probably isn’t that impressive but for me- its a bloomin’ miracle!

It was also pancake day last week AND the start of lent. Officially I am catholic (not practising) but I like to par-take in Lent just to prove to myself that I can give up some food item as I LOVE food and like the challenge of quitting chocolate (last year) or cakes and lovely baked goods (year before). So this year it has been bread and pastry- two things I eat without a second thought everyday! I have also been avoiding anything with wheat or flour as they make the majority up in bread and general yummy products. It has been successful (except one incident with a chicken burger in Shoreditch early sunday AM but I can be let off!) and I have replaced sandwiches with salads and saturday morning breakfasts- croissants, with Alpen (So not the same)

Still, it will be worth it when I feel all virtuous after avoiding bread and general yummy things AND it happens to be my cousin’s birthday BBQ on easter sunday so I can binge out on cakes, bread and other BBQ foods!

Before that day I shall carry on training for the race for life (Sponsor me please

Off now to sleep and recover from weekend.


thoughts please..

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