2nd week in….

Cups of coffee: 3

No. of bread slices eaten: BIG FAT O

weeks into lent: 2

As well as my 5k training I have also given up tasty delights (as mentioned before) and I am succeeding. At the moment.

Luckily Ed, my office buddy (also boyf of dearest lever) eats tons of salads, or rabbit food, and so the sandwich boycott is easy at work as he influences me. Every Monday whilst lunch shopping I usually follow him around Sainsburys picking up the salad items which he deems ‘healthy’. This does not include my beloved crisps but I have an alternative: popcorn or snack a jacks! Since my healthy eating began we receive daily comments on how delicious things look on our plate- although those voicing their delights at our salad choices do not then make their own salad, they proceed to Mcdonalds or M&S sandwiches (lucky buggers!). I even find myself questioning biscuits as they all have wheat in!or flour or other ingredients which make up the majority of bread!

I think I have become a healthy lunch convert and feel I should swap my sandwich in the future for a green salad!

In other news my running (although sporadic) is coming on (abit) and I ran for 31 mins yesterday AND only felt sick for about 20 mins after- so small result! Yoga is of course being kept up!

I have also found a grey hair. Or a sparkly hair as I like to think of it as. I blame the younger Isaac

I have also finished my second handmade birthday pressie and am SO looking forward to a weekend of vintage fairs and Emma Bridgewater tea parties (although premature joys as its not til april!)The sun would now be very welcome and finish off the weekend joys.

Mentions to my dear friends Rosie and Carla who are also doing silly things to raise money for those less fortunate. Carla is absailing this weekend (26th) down a HUGE building in the name of charity, for a stroke charity. Rosie my london-based lovely is bungee jumping off the o2- formally millennium dome (Yes really!) for shelter the homeless charity.  You can sponsor them and their brave ventures

http://www.justgiving.com/RosieandHelena for rosies bungee jump

http://www.justgiving.com/Carla-Lawless89 and Carla’s absail

And although I am NOT doing anything as bonkers I am running for charity in June so PLEASE sponsor me too: http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/emilyisaac1602?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=newsfeed&utm_campaign=editpage


thoughts please..

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