Welcome Spring. its been awhile

The time has come in every girl’s life, and wardrobe, that the SS’11 updates begin. Welcome the depression

As the sun started to appear again after the harsh winter, so I began the tortuous task of browsing for my spring/summer wardrobe which should be a fun and joyous task as I love shopping! Even my google browser recognises my love for all things dressy and clothe-like. But alas the spring/summer for most girls brings its own set of problems when it comes to clothes and updating wardrobes.

The high street takes no prisoners with its rails apon rails of shorts so short they would make Kylie blush, dresses with unflattering ruffles and backless affairs which would not even make the cut for the wardrobe team on ‘Big fat gypsy wedding’ for fear of being too ‘slutty ‘(if there ever was such a wardrobe team). So why is it the fashion guru’s and god’s out there assume that as soon as the sun shines once again on our island, girls want to be seen in as little material as possible- despite size. Most girls do not.

No-one wants to see curvier girls in hotpants and croptops but there isn’t much choice as an appropraite alternative! Even jumpsuits and maxi dress (a particular fav of mine) which are gorgeous and suit ANY shape, are modelled on the tallest mannequins- so the average girl cannot pull them off, unless they don platforms or wedges. Luckily they’re making a comeback!

Discussing with a girlfriend, she agreed that summer brings its own problems for us girls- whether it be how well our new years resolution’s have gone, or how many weeks of gym time we have left until bikini season begins. Personally, all the time in the world wouldn’t prepare me for it! Why is it then the average shopper on the high street, isn’t an ‘average’ shape, but are given no choice when it comes to clothes which are designed for a season NOT the shopper.

For me this summer it’s all about the tea dress, knee length but flirty and cover well. Maxi’s too are a familiar friend in my wardrobe, shorts however are not. Niether are backless/strapless/see-through or next-to-invisible dresses. EVER.

And don’t think the male race get away with anything the high street dictates as Summer ‘fashion’. There are few things that men should also steer clear of:

  • Flip flops with jeans. Why?
  • ‘wife- beaters’ or vests. Even if you do have muscles to rival a boxer
  • Being topless (Unless on the beach)
  • Thigh high shorts. Plain wrong
  • Socks and sandals
  • Board shorts being worn as normal everyday shorts. Well, maybe I could forgive those

My tips to survive summer fashion is: Buy dresses as and when you see them. If you love them- buy them! They won’t hang around as every other girl will be hunting them down too. Sandals go with everything- see them as an investment. Swimsuits are back, so if a bikini scares the life out of you then get a swimsuit.

The dress below is said dress which Google insisted I buy as it followed me about on my internet browsing. So I did ‘buy’ and I am chuffed with it!


thoughts please..

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