ebay wars and general life

Cups of coffee: 2 (treated myself to a fancy coffee)

No. of bread products: 0 (proud)

Snack products consumed: 11229900

After my near two week disappearance from blogging I am back and fighting an anonymous girl on ebay for the very exclusive and tres glamorous Limited-edition pink Carrie knee length pleated skirt from Whistles. It is far too much. AND dry clean only- and I feel my life will be totally enhanced by the mere presence of this fabulous skirt in my wardrobe. However I should probably reveal currently I am bidding £85 of my single person salary on this skirt (Which I can’t really afford)  but I am seriously considering waiting until the last minute to outbid this anonymous girl to get my hands on an ‘Investment buy’.

I have also spent all weekend enjoying the sun, friends and vintage fairs with my dear mum. Emma Bridgewater held a ”Tea party’ at Waddesdon manor and after declaring to the ticket man at the gate that ‘We were with the Bridgewaters’ for free entry, my friends and I enjoyed reduced homewares, ice cream and lovely sunny weather. I purchased a tea cup with the saying ‘Happiness is a cup of coffee and a good book. And a slice of cake’ I couldn’t have said it better myself. The simple message got me thinking that I don’t take pleasure from the simpler things in life, even if it is just sitting on your own with a great book (currently reading Russell Brand’s booky wook 2. This time its personal) I am a huge fan of Russell. Have also watched Bridget Jones and vowed to myself to avoid turning into a 30-something neurotic, chain-smoking,  spinster- although sometimes I can’t be sure if I’m not already heading that way.

I also enjoyed ‘tea monkey’ this week by recommendation of heflar’s blog http://heflamprini.blogspot.com so worth a read! And my experience with cherry tea was made a million times better with a pleasant surprise visit from my dearest friend.

I would also like to publicly say a HUGE thank you and much love to everyone who has supported my brother and cousin in sponsoring their sky dive. We have totally smashed the target, raising nearly £300 which has gone straight to John Radcliffe hospital. Please keep on going and make their day even better! The dive is on 22nd April at Banbury Sky divers and anyone is welcome to come along and show their support.

Im off now to do Yoga and get in touch with my spiritual side for some personal goddess healing (Real thing) and possibly eat chocolate for soul healing! Oh and who could forget- outbid this anonymous skirt stealing girl so I can complete my wardrobe (and empty my bank account)


thoughts please..

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