Premature Summer

Just a quick thought: I hope this glorious weather we’re experiencing is NOT our British summer. Now, I am always the optimist, glass half full kinda gal and I wouldn’t usually be caught dead thinking or saying something so negative as ‘ You know this is our summer. July and August are going to be ghastly. Best make the most of it now’.

I haven’t made the most of it! I haven’t even bought sandals yet or updated my maxi dress collection let alone gone through the stress of swim wear shopping. I was unprepared for such nice weather and I am already exhausting my small collection of summer dresses. Must buy flipflops at least in preparation for a BBQ on Saturday with some of the best people 🙂 and not to mention the BBQ on easter sunday for my dear Tom’s 21st. Those sort of outdoor eating events require summer footwear.

I love how the sun changes everyone’s behaviour. More people are outside walking, or drinking with friends and everyone’s happy! Even our dogs are happier when the sun is shining

I am also hoping July is lovely and sunny again this year as my only booked summer holiday is to Scotland. Hmm. Although last year the girls and I went to the beach, sunbathed and BBQ-ed most days as it was actually sunny. I say make the most of the weather- now! Appreciate the sun for all its burning glory (wear sun cream of course) and buy flipflops! Cause in Britain the weather is unpredictable. To say the least.

In other news- lost the ebay war to another girl. But did save £100, so pros and cons!


thoughts please..

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