A right royal wedding

No. of months now gone since Jan: 5!

No. of coffee’s: 2

No. of itunes downloads: only 3- I promise

I do hope that the Queen (or someone in charge) can arrange it so we have 4 day weekends every month! Fabulous for those impromptu BBQ’s, sun-lounging, random bike rides, starting new books etc. that happens when you find yourself with an extra day at your dispense. However not so good for those who are dieting/trying to be good and healthy- like myself.

For some reason in my household breakfasts at the weekend must consist of a pastry of some sort, a latte (made by my fab dad) and anything fully-carbed and totally bad. Now some of you out there probably would exercise this thing called self control, a quality I seem to lack! So I decided to allow myself a croissant or bacon sandwich IF I could then cycle it off or run for hours in an attempt to balance out my bad but oh-so-good breakfasts. I didn’t work. I am now on strict regime of salad lunches and running in the MORNING  before work(!?!)

In fash news I bought and wore with pride (until they gave me blisters on my little toes) A wedge sandal with tan straps from New Look. Look good with everything summery AND aren’t too high that they hurt after 5 minutes of sitting. Not so good as they give you blisters. I also visited MK and didn’t buy anything. Not a bean.

I think I have exhausted my summer shopping already in an eager rush to be appropriately dressed for the unexpected sun!

Also I, along with a billion other people, sat and watched the Royal wedding. And I really liked it.

Highlights include seeing Kate’s lovely lacey (slightly-old fashioned) dress, or her gorgey sister Pippa in a stunning ivory gown. Future bridesmaids everywhere will be crossing fingers that they too get to wear white at their next wedding. And my mum asking me if I thought The Queen sang ‘God save the Queen’. In true comic timing, as my mum finished asking, the camera focused on Ma’am and sufficiently answered mum’s Q ; she was NOT singing along- as a dedication to herself. Phillip was though.

I also got in the spirit of things by drinking Earl Grey and decorating cupcakes for the Adstock Garden party after the wedding. It was abit of an anti-climax after the wedding I thought, as I had to wait another 2 hours before doing anything else but felt I should have been sharing this magical and lovely day with close friends. Oh well Harry still remains single and unmarried so the next royal wedding I shall make more of an effort to celebrate with my friends and family post-ceremony.

Apologies for the blog-break, I have been too busy BBQ-ing and enjoying the lovely British sunshine. Back to the daily grind now


thoughts please..

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