Vintage weekend

As most of my friends will tell you I was born middle-aged (but with the ability to drink like a student) and so it will be no surprise that this weekend I found great pleasure in hanging out with myself, enjoying my own company and baking tea-cupcakes.

I used the Humming bird app on my phone and made Earl-Grey Cupcakes, which didn’t come out as well as I’d hoped as the mix was really sloppy- makes for heavier cupcakes! But I was still pleased with them nonetheless, So pleased in fact that I have brought them into work this morning. Hope they go down well

I also took advantage of the Sunday sun, with some of my girls and my mum, and went to a vintage and hand-made craft fair in Winslow, where I saw my lovely ice-cream friend Mrs Scoops and enjoyed wondering around the various stools lusting after literally everything. I purchased- finally, a tin metal jug for flower use. I have been searching everywhere for one! Some little jewellery pieces were also bought AND my mum gave me a great idea for making my own buntin! I am so excited at this prospect now, I’m saving scraps of material as we speak (Seriously, middle-aged)

I am such a fan of use and reuse, one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure etc. as a regular visitor to boutique’s and second-hand fairs I was a very happy bunny yesterday. My room is starting to resemble a jumble sales itself and as if the wallpaper wasn’t already an attack on the senses, the clutter and various jugs, tea cups and tea-pots I have collected (for future house purposes) have really taken over my once calm and clutter-free room.

Still, you never know when hanging wreath hearts will come in handy, right!?

In other news I am continuing my quest to fitness and have been (mostly) healthy after leant and bank holidays, keeping up the running AND continuing my bread amnesty. The race for life is fast approaching and I still feel 5k may be a struggle! I am both excited and nervous, and needing fundraising 🙂 All you good and fabulous people who sponsored my lovely brother and cousin, I cannot thank you enough for helping us smash the target as we near the £600 mark!

So I know I can raise a bit more for cancer research- please give anything you can 🙂 even £1 will make a difference


thoughts please..

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