Goodbye. Forever?

No. of coffees: 2 (controlled)

No.of Pizza express trips: countless

No. of new wardrobe pieces: 3 (although sandals don’t really count)

Is it me or has the sun quickly deserted us again? As if it was teasing us through April and now decided enough was enough and we should get back to being cold and wearing tights. Just as I had started to add to my S/S 11 wardrobe the weather decided not to play fair and the ever-changing weather makes for a very confused wardrobe- summer dresses with black tights and long cardi’s? Or maxi’s with woolly cable cardigan. Shouldn’t work, but does!

I have finally purchased a delicious navy jumpsuit from Mango which has been AWOL since February and now, thanks to ASOS, I am the proud (nearly)  owner of said jumpsuit, which should sort me out for those confused sunny-but-cold days in May we seem to be subjected to. Although my next worry is that due to being slightly vertically challenged I may not pull it off as I imagine. Watch this space.

Despite being aware of the media attention the film ‘Water for Elephants’ was getting from various animal rights charities and activists I decided to give it a shot and went to see it with some of the girls. I have to say, despite not getting the whole ‘Robert Pattinson’ thing (he is odd looking.full stop) I really liked it. It was quite serious and rather heavy for a Tuesday evening but it gave a different side to the circus and an interesting, original storyline. Reese Witherspoon was very good at being a doll-like circus performer, her character was likeable, however she didn’t exactly give the best performance at being in love with Robert’s character. Perhaps she sees what I see; a pale English boy with a bad side profile and a squared head. Nothing special.

The big objection surrounding the film was the treatment of the star Elephant- Rosie (Not the BF) 🙂 as apparently the animal rights people had got hold of footage showing trainers hitting the elephants (plural) with sticks and yelling to make them perform- as they do in the film. But the film features only one Elephant…and I’m sure the animals of Hollywood are all treated as well as the actors. Surely this is not just my naivety and Hollywood has come into the 21st century in terms of looking after performing animals? Maybe I’m wrong.

I am also struggling to battle exhaustion, for some reason my body is now so accustomed to having 3 or4 day weeks on account of all the lovely bank holidays we’ve been having. So this week being the first full week since- forever, I am finding it difficult to plod through. (Definitely the older side to me)  and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I really hope the sun hasn’t said its last goodbye- forever, and fingers crossed for a sunny weekend. Does the weather not realise it was Teece’s birthday and so a picnic is now in the diary for Saturday?? Obviously not.


thoughts please..

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