The unexpected dangers involved in baking

Morning all,

I realize it has been awhile and for no reason other than lack of creative imagination (Haven’t done anything worth writing about) Although I did take a visit to Stoke this weekend to see the lovely Teece (blog here with the boyf’s and despite the 2 hour stand-still traffic it was all totally worth it as we visited the Emma Bridgewater factory. A beautiful Victorian factory in the heart of a Stoke-ian town (Not sure exact location) with her designs stamped all over it, from the signs for parking to the painting gallery and shop. The gallery caught our eye and we just HAD to sit and decorate our own crockery (At a price of course!) We were free to use emma-esque stamps, paint colours and designs to create our own personalised mugs, plates etc. My lucky mum will be given a lovely hand-designed mug for her 50th this year, not until July so will try to keep that quiet! This was not the first time I have tried my hand at painting mugs as there was a lovely gallery in Winslow which used to allow you to paint your own mugs, but sadly she had to stop allowing us to as people were taking her paints etc. Theres always one!

My parents have also spent the weekend decorating and I have had to take a step back as I was getting itchy fingers to take over, I literally sat on my hands! I have the ‘Dream’ of now becoming an interior designer as I find nothing more therapeutic in painting and filling a room with lovely homely things, however I am NOT allowed to get creative in my family’s space, so I was trying to get busy (training and cinema were my chosen activities) to avoid taking control! However the utility room is next and I figure I should be allowed to get creative in there.

I also took to my favourite past-time of baking and made my lovely dad some birthday cupcakes (pics in the next blog) However when I left them all lovely and decorated on the side, our puppy George took exception to my leaving the room and took the ‘A’ from dad. Ok I was a bit mad, but you can’t shout at a face like his so I carried on reading and doing other bits.

However I then looked at the photo I took right before he committed his cake crime and realized the case he had also consumed (thought it was paper) was a SILICONE one I used and left on the cake, to avoid them going stale quick *tip*!!! So I spent the evening dreading what would be coming out of him!! I was so convinced he would have some reaction to the silicone based case he had greedily consumed!! He is literally indestructible (In case any vets are reading, I do realize he is NOT indestructible) he has a habit of eating what he shouldn’t, despite our efforts to keep everything out of his reach.

Inbetween sitting on my creative painting hands and fretting over my puppy’s eating habits I have been keeping up my training and can now proudly say, with the back-up evidence from Runkeeper, that I, Emily Isaac, can run 5km in 30 minutes WITHOUT STOPPING 🙂

I am now confident that in 2 weeks time when race for life begins I will be able to actually complete it, without passing out!

Speaking of which, please help me raise a bit more for this fabulous cause- you shall then be guilt free for the whole of June 🙂

The moment right before he ate the A in shot!


thoughts please..

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