Two days to go and a minute shaved off

No. of coffee’s: 1

No. of cakes consumed in the last 24 hours: 2 and rising (No pun intended)

Runs this week: 3


Why, I hear you ask, have I let my strict (er-hum) healthy living slip and allow myself cakes etc. not to mention the Pizza express yesterday- 2 courses of delicious bread! Well dear readers, may I draw your attention to the goal of all my hard effort and running, the Race for Life, is moving ever closer!

In fact on Saturday morning at 11.30am I shall start the race- wearing a tutu- along with 6000 other ladies, and I feel prepared! I ran yesterday for the last time until the race, but have Yoga which I feel won’t tip my pre-race muscles out of balance. I also managed to shave a minute off my time- ever! A fluke perhaps?


I am slightly concerned about the incline though. Having looked on the runkeeper route for Race for Life the incline is 300ft!? whhaaaaatt!! Who knew MK was that steep, or hilly?! The only time I have run up an incline of 300ft was in the lovely Cornwall, Trebarwith valley to be precise, and I thought that was hard work! What have I let myself in for..


In other news the Smaller Isaac has got himself another car, with the insurance pay out. He could not be happier, and I could not be more paranoid! Sirens are heard and I think the worst. Trust is incredibly underrated, and in my case I realise I need to trust he will be responsible (pah-ha) Or at least like his car enough not to drive into another moving object. Or stationary object for that matter.

My mum always says people can change- if they want to, so lets hope he does… Or I risk going grey at a very young age


It has been a bittersweet week for a couple of close friends too, one who is deeply concerned about their dear mum’s health. Reminding me how much we take our dearest parents for granted, and even when we don’t want them around, we assume they always will be.


Another dear friend, (read her blog her has experienced an incredibly disturbing and terrifying moment when a stranger followed her on his bike whilst in the park, and exposed himself to her in the most grotesque way imaginable. She was brave enough to report him to the police, and I can only hope the catch the bas***rd and Karma deals him the punishment he deserves. In her own words, what has the world come to where a young woman can’t read a book in the park without being at danger of  being harassed, or flashed or made to feel incredibly uncomfortable. I wouldn’t, and shouldn’t think twice about being out on my own- in broad daylight! These sorts of experiences are luckily quite rare, but when it happens to one of you own (girlfriends that is) its a sudden wake up call to the potential dangers that are out there. I hope you are tucked up today and reading in the peace of your home.


On a lighter note I have made two more egg cozies for the smaller Isaac’s girlfriend, v. thearputic sewing and creating fun chicken heads! AND it is getting closer to our ”Girls on Tour ’11” in Scotland- they so don’t know whats coming 🙂 and as usual – what happens on tour, stays on tour!!


Can’t wait!


thoughts please..

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