Lunchtime splurge

Quick post about my ridiculous spending!

I was out this lunchtime buying essential mascara (sad that I think this is an essential, I know!) and I came across my most favourite nail polish stand- with what I though was an offer!

MAC zoom lash in black if you must know   Zoom Lash

Barry M- the company in Question, and since I had to throw away 2 of my lovely colours last week I decided to treat myself to an array and replace my chucked ones at the same time. like a sucker I thought it was 3 for 2 on all Barry M products so picked three:

Bright red (an essential- again) and goes with everything Barry M Nail Paints Bright Red

this replaces mine as it got gloopy.

Next was a bright Pink (sickly but a fav) as I used up mine at the Race for Life- pink was the theme! Barry M Nail Paints Bright Pink

And to finish my apparent 3 for 2 bargain, which turned out not to be a bargain as they were not on offer at all, was a lilac  Barry M Nail Paints Berry Ice Cream

To finish off my lunchtime splurge I also bought batiste for brunette’s- another random buy as all I actually wanted from Boots was some hair dye!! Oh well, next month I shall try to be more thrifty…..


thoughts please..

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