Post- race Pre- actual blogger

Afternoon dear readers,

I write this whilst tucking into yet another salad (With hummus dip though) despite having already run the Race for Life! My time was pretty bad; 33mins, compared to my previous training times but I blame it on the clogging en route by walkers/ dawdlers who insisted on going in the first group but gradually dropped back. It was such a good day- despite the heat rash I then got due to not wearing suncream! My sponsor has totalled at £115.00, every little helps- and I got a medal which is so worth running 5km for!

Next year its the 10km challenge, although this is the next running milestone Im aiming for now. Failing but I will get there

I am keeping up the healthy eating, and next week I am no longer relying on my delicious hot, creamy friend coffee. I am breaking up with my daily coffee intake and replacing its loveliness with healthy peppermint tea, luckily I love peppermint tea too. The point, I hear you ask, well detox is needed from caffeine before my holiday(s) and my attempt to be good, until I spend 3 weeks eating and drinking exactly what I want , needs to start ASAP.

In other news, I have been accepted (excitingly) to be the new blogger on interior design and furniture for Brew drink thinkings. I have been like an excited child at christmas, already having jotted down ideas for my first post! I will still keep my current job but each week submit a post on various interior subjects! As if I need an excuse to shop boutiques and furniture shops any more- well now I need to! Its also such a fantastic opportunity to start for any keen writer 🙂

I shall try to keep blogs separate, although I mention soft furnishings and homemade things in this too so it will be no surprise! I will blog again when I know more about my new shiny writing position.

Off now to buy mascara and batiste!


thoughts please..

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