An afternoon moment.

No. of Coffee’s for two days: NONE- big fat 0 (well done me- so far!)

No. of runs: not enough

No. of blog drafts written: 2 (eager!)

Afternoon dear readers, on this rather cloudy Solstice day!

This morning I heard the dreaded ‘Christmas’ word as it seems time is again slipping very quickly away and we have already reached our longest day!? How did this happen? Although I am still very positive about the summer, which is yet to brace us with its glorious presence (July/August please co-operate) this of course has nothing to do with the fact I am only holidaying in England this year…not at all.

The observant among you readers will remember last week I brought two pieces of news: One was the excellent and fabulous news that Brew Drinking Thinkings have offered me a blogging position on their website, for which I have already written and sent one draft (The first post deadline isn’t until July) I literally couldn’t stop my fingers wanting to type out a piece on recycling furniture! I will be asking all of you lovely and very loyal readers to read my blogs when they get posted 🙂 be warned!

The other (slightly) minor news was that I am quitting my love affair with coffee and all things delicious and caffeine related as I need to detox pre- girls holiday! I need to treat my body like a temple before I trash the temple and pee all over its doors. Metaphorically speaking of course! I’m all about the water and peppermint tea until next Saturday, Im hoping for a minor result health-wise as I don’t want the caffeine amnesty to continue but it is good to detox every once in a while.

It was also Fathers day, which I spent trying to do all of my Dad’s chores whilst hungover. It was a 50/50 success for both Dad and me, it wasn’t as hard as I thought but he did spend the morning changing oil on my car 🙂 Thanks Dad- you’re the best!

I am also going to spare a sentence to say Ryan Dunn, rest in peace. It was a very sad day yesterday to learn that one of the Jackass crew has passed away in the most tragic way. I can’t remember the last time I have laughed as much as I did in the cinema watching Jackass 3D. Even the first film didn’t quite match the hilarity of Jackass in 3D. Fav moment is still the giant hand smacking every poor unsuspecting bugger- including Dunn 😦 – in the face as they walk into Jackass HQ. Hilarious

This week Glastonbury is due to begin tomorrow and Wimbledon is already in full swing (excuse the pun) and to celebrate I have eaten the biggest strawberries Sainsburys had to offer, I will be steering clear of Tesco’s attempt to get on the Wimbledon spirit with their Strawberries and cream sandwiches!? Yuck, or food revolution? I won’t be testing this.

Next interior blog will be about not one but two feature walls in any room (controversial) does it work? 60 minute make-over thought so…

Thanks, feel free to comment away now WP have made it easier 🙂


One thought on “An afternoon moment.

  1. (Insert 10 minutes of hysterical laughing here) “I need to treat my body like a temple before I trash the temple and pee all over its doors.” Brilliant! Cannot wait to see that 🙂 Also cannot wait for new blog. I shall be waiting eagerly 🙂 xxxxx

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