Serious lack of blogging

Hello fellow readers,

I must firstly apologise for the serious lack of blogging in the last three weeks, this is due to my many holidays being booked one after the other. Lucky for me it was 3 weeks of sun, drinking, eating too much and general laughs and now I have returned to harsh reality and the daily grind of work and life. Although it is still sunny so I am still feeling the holiday vibe 🙂

In my last blog I mentioned my brand new writing position for brewdrinking in their home section and I had my first deadline whilst away in Kernow 🙂 all very exciting, however it has yet to be published on the website so watch this space….. I will of course be notifying EVERYONE 

One of the activities on my girls holiday was pottery painting, which makes for a good interior blog spot (next article ideas) photo’s included! Grass sliding was also on the menu in Scotland which was hilarious but unfortunately (for some) we didn’t document the activity with photo’s (we looked hilarious!) Of course the obligatory trip to Cream o’ Galloway ice cream factory for a massive lunch of ice cream and nacho’s, polished off with a daily trip to the pub. Makes for a fantastic Girls holiday!


Cornwall was my next destination, as I travelled down through London looking like a crazy bag lady, to meet the rest of the Isaac’s in North Cornwall. Glamorous! I had such a lovely few weeks away, and I return to some lovely future events too- makes up for the fact I have now booked all my holiday for the year and will be eagerly awaiting Christmas for my next break (Sorry to mention the dreaded ‘Christmas’ word)

This weekend however celebrations continue as I shall be attending my lovely cousin’s wedding in High Wycombe, let’s hope the sun shines on Saturday for their big day! My parents are also celebrating 30 years together in September, meaning more celebrations to come. Thank goodness- who says you need to leave your own home to feel in the holiday spirit….. Hmmm


Whilst away I missed the news most evenings, meaning I sadly missed the moment ol’ Rupert Murdoch got a cream pie thrown at him, I would have loved to see that!! But I was able to listen on Saturday evening as the news broke that sadly Amy Winehouse had died. I was totally shocked, I love her album ‘Back to Black’ and remember her breaking the music scene as a curvaceous, out-spoken jazz singer with an amazing voice and attitude! She will be so sadly missed. Addiction is incredibly sad and affects so many people outside as well as the addict, she needed the help but sadly it didn’t seem to work.


I also caught the breaking news of the shootings in Norway, whilst in a chipshop on Friday. Dreadful, awful stuff and my heart goes out to all those affected. There was a lot of rumours and misinterpreted news going around as the bombings and shootings had happened, which Charlie Brooker very nicely sums up here– well worth a read for anyone remotely interested in current affairs. Also gives me great faith in the media again; at last a journalist writing cleverly and intelligently using factual evidence whilst supporting a great, and well documented argument- fab!


I will probably blog alot now to make up for my absence 🙂

P.s Despite my general binge on food and drink in these last 3 weeks I have kept up my running!! And even managed some cliff walking and very occasional swimming in the sea. However I will now need to apply a strict ‘No carbs before Marbs’ rule now I am back in reality. Wonder how long that will last…..


thoughts please..

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