The unspoken miracle

Picture the scene:

Bra’s thrown everywhere, unmade beds, make-up bags bulging out all over the surfaces and hair dryers covering the last bits of floor space which has become our wardrobe- and that was just our bedroom!


As you can imagine when the girls go on tour we take a helluva lot of baggage and as is tradition we use and borrow each others clothes, make-up and various other items which we deem too expensive or too much of a splurge to spend on ourselves. One evening we are discussing various skin creams and all things girly when I brought up my hate for the acne scars I have been very unfairly left with like painful, annoying a reminder of my teenage years. So when bringing this up my dear girls suggest I use ‘Bio Oil’…….


What!? There was a potential product out there which could sort my problem FOREVER!? Why had no-one suggested this to me before?! And more importantly- WHY DOESN’T ANYONE EVER TALK ABOUT ‘Bio Oil’ . I felt left out of the loop; like I was missing out on a well-known (and well-kept clearly!) secret- I was the last idiot on earth to discover this fab product


Apparently people know about this miracle product and use it an various scars, stretch marks- anything! Like an unspoken miracle, women everywhere are using this Oil and not talking about it!?! And even worse- my girls have used it and not told me!! I decided to give this little miracle oil a try, and despite the rather pricey tag it comes with I considered it an investment for my face. A facial investment if you will.


So there it is, in all its small and orangey glory! A miracle in a bottle- promising to fix all your blemishes and scars. Now I am usually one to embrace quirky scars and dont get me wrong; I have quite happily lived with my acne scars for years but it niggles sometimes and on the off days its actually quite depressing to see deep poc-marks on my face. So there, my excuse for wanting to fix a problem which I thought couldn’t be resolved.


It takes 3 months apparently to see some results, and those results will most certainly be personal as every other person is either polite enough to say ‘No they don’t show as much as you think!’ or ‘What scars!’ So I shall have to be the judge as to whether it works- and how well 🙂


Let the cover-up process begin!


One thought on “The unspoken miracle

  1. If this doesn’t work, my Mum was told to buy Creme La Mere. It is brilliant on face scars but a lot more pricey than bio oil! X x x

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