Just a little publication, or three

No. of coffee’s: 1

No. of cake based products: Today, 0 (wedding cake doesn’t count from Saturday)

No. of articles written: 7- and rising


Morning dear readers


Depending on where you are currently sitting, you may be staring out of the office window at the glorious sunshine that has randomly decided to show- at the right time of year too! The summer holidays (for those who are lucky enough to be students) are definitely in full swing, and for those of you, like me, who are stuck in offices and forced to watch the lovely sunshine from inside an air-conditioned building will be wondering where everyone has gone!?


A lot of people  in our office have children and therefore are forced to holiday/ work from home in the 6 week holiday, leaving the rest (whats left) to work on through the lovely heatwave. I can’t help but have the holiday feeling, despite not being able to actually go on another holiday, I feel a plea for a national ‘Day off work for the holidays’ is in order for each week the schools are off. Fair’s fair


I am also writing this a day before the big publication happens (my interior and homes blog gets put on BDT) and I am so playing down my excitement 🙂 I will be blogging tomorrow with links for people to click and read! Including my parents as they always seem to miss my blog! I have been furiously writing away for next month’s publication already (eager) which will be out early Sept.


Short but sweet post today, now excuse me whilst I go sit in the sun and eat some sushi (Still in holiday mode)


thoughts please..

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