Bitter-sweet week

Morning all,


This is going to be the shortest blog I think I have ever written. Last weekend we (The Isaac’s) joined in celebrating my dearest cousin Dan and newly related cousin(ish) Cat’s wedding. It was such a lovely day, lots of laughing, drinking, dancing and singing! The venue was a black and white vision of home touches and yummy cake 🙂 We all had the best time, the most memorable parts included karaoke and watching the DJ rein-act Dynamo (sort of) but neglecting the dance floor.


This lovely day was quickly overlooked six days later by the death of my beloved Aunty; Dan, Laura and Nick’s mum. My dad’s sister, who was so enjoying herself at Dan’s wedding- she was the proudest mother I think, there has possibly ever been. We were so lucky to have celebrated this wonderful day before such a tragedy happened and I am so grateful we did. The memories will last a life time and we were lucky she is apart of them.


Thoughts are with my Uncle and cousins at this time, life is so short and precious. It is sadly only those who suffer such tragedy that experience the harsh reality of that oh-so-true statement


thoughts please..

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