Cornish Wanderer’s

No. of coffees: too many

No. of sweets consumed: 23445 and counting

No. blogs: -23. sorry!

Hello fellow readers,

I bet you’re wondering why I have called this weeks blog ‘Cornish Wanderer’s’ Do not fear- I didnt get lost in the great Cornish land on my last trip down south, its in reference to my new ‘Fantasy Football Team’

Thats right, fantasy football!? Those who know me will be asking themselves why ON EARTH I have shown a (very slight) interest in football, and don’t worry I wont be joining the scarf wearing, pie munching, beer-guzzling army of football fans on a Saturday afternoon- Oh no, this is the ultimate lazy person’s amateur -type football.

Despite my football knowledge being literally in the minus I decided to take up the offer of joining my office in the fantasy football league, naming my team ‘Cornish Wanderers’ and giving them a very fashion-forward strip (see, football lingo already!) of pink and a nice blue. I chose players from existing teams (Rooney, Lampard and Torres are names I recognise from my Grazia mags) so I went ahead and picked names/ faces I knew and the rest I went by points and/or how much they’d cost me (in imaginary money) As this is a ‘fun’ activity, you dont have to pay and its a great way of getting the office all involved and competitive about things that don’t really matter; i.e. who is winning or who’s losing etc.

However I am beginning to realise if I do actually want to win ever then I shall have to start listening to the football scores, or results, whatever! But I won’t go mad and commit myself as yet to knowing which of my players actually played in real life, I shall just wait for my office peers to inform me of where I am on the table!

As well as being incredibly boring (Ruggers is more my thing) I find football dreadfully greedy and represents everything I despise about the ‘Celeb world’ where you can literally behave how you like without consequences as you have enough money to cover your tracks/ pay people off/ generally behave like a brat. I think there is way too much money in football and I wouldn’t really consider the professional première league players etc. proper athlete’s- more over-paid gym bunnies who, I’m sure, train very hard on weekdays but you don’t tend to see Josh Lewsey or Rebecca Adlington falling out of clubs at 4am drunk as anything on a Wednesday evening! Nor do you tend to hear of other ‘Athlete’s’ cheating on their newly pregnant wives with their mother-in-laws. Perhaps they manage to keep their private lives private, or perhaps they’re just better behaved individuals. Just an observation.

Talking of ‘Athlete’s, in a loose term too, I am trying to run 6km instead of the usual 5km – this isn’t going so well. I get to 5.5km and feel like collapsing or am so close to home I don’t bother going that extra bit. Its very frustrating and also exhausting! At least I have kept up the running and just like the 5km goal- the 6km will come, I just need to work at it!

Am starting ‘No carbs before marbs’ today also as I have seriously let myself go (in all sense of the word!) and have a large BBQ looming where there will be lots of cakes and bread-type products served so must prepare for the gorging.


thoughts please..

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