A weekend of firsts

Morning all-

Hope the bank holiday weekend was spent being merry and generally enjoying an extra day off in this rather on-off weather. I apologise for a lack of blogging of late, but fear not I am now back on form with a list of ‘Firsts’ for me

  1. I managed to create and professionally sew (until the sewing machine broke!) a lovely lot of bunting and felt very proud when the Isaac’s used it as decoration for their joint 50th birthday-come-30th wedding anniversary outdoor event. I used staples as the afore mentioned sewing machine broke but I shall be sewing them on when the machine is serviced and providing a step by step for my home and interior’s blog on BrewDrinking so if you’re interested give it a go!
  2. It was also a first for my running: I managed to run- without stopping- 6.82km and I shall be more prepared and try the full 7km next time. I shocked even myself, and I am literally proof anyone can do it
  3. First time I had ‘braved’ a family affair alone and single for three years. It was weird and I got a lot of side-ways pity looks, that was the worst of it though.
  4. I wore a coat because the temperature has really dropped (or is it just me?) and have been reminded that I need to do that dreaded coat shop again. I’m thinking a barber jacket affair this year for Autumn
  5. And finally.. it was the first time I par-took in a pub quiz with two of my dear friends and we lost so badly that the quiz master felt sorry for us and gave us a ‘booby’ prize of any CD of our choice. What a kind man…or his level of sympathy for us was so great he decided we deserved something for our efforts. Who knows

In other news I ordered some essentials from amazon yesterday on account of having rather a lot of time on my hands now, including ‘One Day’ and the Sex and the City box set (long time overdue purchase) I now dread signing back on- half expecting their ‘ you may be interested in’ selection to feature such guides as ‘The Modern Woman’ and ‘How to handle Facebook and your break-up’ etc.

I shall keep you posted with their suggested items…

thoughts please..

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