I love you…But I love me more

*Disclaimer: Have been given permission to mention all names- by said people ūüôā

Picture the scene: Three girls who have known each other literally forever (before we were even born) two bottles of wine, lots of carbs and dessert.

A standard meet up with the girls from forever, all three of us sharing our moans and groans and general life ¬†issues, all three on totally different ends of the scale when it comes to men and opinions on said¬†specie¬†. One of my dear friends- we shall call her Powell (subtle) is a dab hand at long term relationships but likes to be surprised and spoilt, as we all do. However as myself and ‘Watmough’ explained- men are not the sharpest of creatures and you literally have to use the subtlety of a train wreck to ‘suggest’ things for them to do: Par example- Powell had a tough day at work and was really feeling the stress when it eventually came round to clocking out she had had enough, her idea of the perfect de-stress? Her man at home with a glass of wine waiting for her when she got home. The reality: Her man was AWOL and she had no wine in- anywhere. He had no idea that after a¬†particularly¬†hard day’s work (of which she warned him of) she wanted something so simple- because he is a man and unable to be spontaneous after a year of being in the relationship.

This isn’t an attack on the opposite sex, just an observation and stating fact! The set up for disappointment comes from us as we expect men to think outside the box, but they don’t. Because we haven’t told them to. We also pointed out if she didn’t surprise him how was he ever going to start getting the idea

As we tucked into our second bottle I couldn’t help but think- out loud- that I would actually be content and happy on my own, in my own flat or house, by myself. I am happy in my own company. ‘What happened to me!? Where did I go!’ this last statement got a lot of laughs. But its true! I am selfish and proud to say it. Now, saying this in the company of two said ladies who are both loved up and happy made me seem even more selfish! But if you can’t say it amongst friends who can you say it to huh?

Single girl ‘roll model’ Samantha (off of SATC) was once quoted saying to Smith when they break up ‘I love you, but I love me more’ and she was kinda right, how can you expect someone else to love you when you don’t love you! Cheesy but it holds an element of truth.

Relationships are tricky and they take hard work- from both sides. This is why the often fail because one or other doesn’t work as hard or expects too much and things get messy- that I do know. So for now I shall be focusing on my other relationships- friends and my dear family

Hope I’ve done you proud girls


thoughts please..

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