Staffy club

               Me and the Birthday boy (2 today 5/09/11)

No. of coffee’s: 1 (so good!)

No. of cakes eaten: 2 (on Saturday)

No. of long distance runs: 1

As you can see I am being very self-controlled this week and managing to avoid the ‘bad’ things as its all about ‘moderation’. Bleurgh- I’d punch me!

Anyway, regular readers/ followers on twitter/ general friends and family members will have noticed my very slight love and passion for all things Staffordshire Bull terrier-like especially my little man George (Featured in pic!)

So when I discovered my local RSPCA centre, Blackberry farm, held their very own Staffy club every month I literally squealed with excitement and booked George in straight away! Phoebe our equally lovely older staffy X doesn’t enjoy being lugged about in the car and she doesn’t particularly like being bothered by smaller, younger dogs so I decided it was kinder to leave her in bed. George and I set out in the evening (Every last Thursday of the month is the date for our Staffy club) expecting to meet lots of lovely like-minded people at the event- and I was not let down. It was full of (mostly) Ladies with their rescue staffies, mainly brindle, all together displaying their unique staffy-isms such as ‘squashed-frog’, farting (ergh!) and squeaking with excitement when they are being made to wait.

George loved it! He had the best time meeting new woof’s like him; his favourite- a lovely older staffy x called Milo and a younger pooch called Bailey. It was really good to see George doing the agility too as he is particularly good at jumping but has the attention span of a gnat so its often hard to get him to complete the course. I am so proud of his agile abilities I have booked him in for a dog show in Buckingham with the Staffy club to help promote and educate people about this wonderful friendly breed 🙂

Growing up with Staffies as our family pets I was never aware of people’s ignorance towards this loving breed and it has only been in the last few years I have really noticed. It is such a shame people are so openly ignorant too and only too happy to inform me ‘Your dog should be on a lead’ and ‘Its YOUR dog people should be frightened of’ whilst HER jack russell was making a be-line for my ankle! Totes ridic! Our dogs have always been rescued except our first dog Buzzy (RIP), and even now the RSPCA is inundated with staffies who have been mistreated, abandoned or neglected- over breeding is the culprit but while there are people willing to buy and pay alot for pedigree staffies this will sadly never stop

I love showing Georgie off- I don’t carry to ‘usual stereotype’ of a staffy owner and love people’s surprise when I rock up in a pleated skirt, cath kidston espadrilles and a floaty top, when most people expect a chav in tracksuit bottoms and dreadful trainers! Beating the stereotype for this loving breed is the most important thing and by joining Staffy club George and I are working our way toward a new image for the fab woofs 🙂

How anyone could ever be scared of this rather regal pooch I’ll never know. He’s got good taste in bedding too!


2 thoughts on “Staffy club

  1. Great read I love my rescue brindle staffie his such a gentle soul x I’m prone to hunter wellies and a Barbour so great to hear some like minded people are out there promoting these gorgeous canines 🙂

    • Thank you for reading it Shirley 🙂 I am always so pleased to hear from staffie owners- especially well-dressed ones such as yourself! They are gorgeous canines but I feel they sell themselves; when most people meet them they fall in love!

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