Romance is dead, didn’t you know?

No. of coffee’s: 1

No. of satsumas: 7 (Christmas is coming!)

No. of love songs listened on youtube today: errrm 34??!?

As I write this I am in the depths of romantic love-song world, a world I have created in the office via youtube and my headphones! I bring the ridiculous news declared by my dearest mother last night- that romance is dead. Gone are the great love songs of the 90’s featuring Gary Barlow or Ronan Keating swooning in dreadful faux snakeskin and fist-clenching which would put Westlife to shame. She announces this  after watching ‘Dont Tell the Bride’, a fantastic programme which never fails to make me laugh like a loon, swear and end up crying- always at the end and always because the Bride-zilla (not my words!) finally sees she is marrying her man because they truly love each other and not because he booked the right church or chose the right flowers even though she would ‘Never have thought of picking those’.

My mum and I are total opposites when it comes to love and romance; I am the ever-hopeless, power-ballad loving swooner who believes true love lasts a life time, whereas she is the ever-practical ‘Marry well’ type who would probably be happier seeing me forever single and happy alone than she would married to the guy who makes me laugh (Shes not that bad) Anyway- the point, last night saw the sister of the bride who was having ‘The wedding of her dreams’ constantly compare to her poor suffering sister, who was out of control with any wedding plans, how great her wedding will be etc. She was becoming (to the viewer) very tiresome with her ‘Ideal wedding’ talk and her constant put- downs and general moaning about the groom-to-be (who was a bit of a catch if I do say!) It did her no favours in my view.

However like all classic love stories it ended happily with the sister admitting that her shallow plans and ideal wedding scenario shouldn’t matter after all because its who’s she’s marrying that counts and the commitment made to each other lasts forever. Lovely! I was content with this ending- however as before mentioned my mum was not. She just suddenly declared romance was dead anyway and real life would catch up on the newly weds when the cameras have gone. Nice. Thanks mum!

So this is where I pick up from the youtubing; absorbing the fantastic love ballads of O-Town, Take that (vintage) and some Boyz 11 Men- waiting to be whisked off my feet! As I may be here a while I will be content with the love from my friends, the fist-clenching power of James Morrison  and Ronan Keating’s voice and of course the unconditional love of my little man- George 🙂

*Should have warned you other realists, such as my mum, that this blog post required a strong stomach 🙂 and for all you other hopeless romantics out there I strongly suggest creating a playlist ASAP of classic 90’s love songs. Do it. I dare you


thoughts please..

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