Temporary state

As I sit here in my new position as receptionist (temping, hence the title) and listening to BBC news 24- on loop (gah) I re-live a small conversation had with the girls at the weekend about our rapidly ageing selves!

Many readers will now either ‘kill’ this page online, sigh heavily or role their eyes, but whilst consuming our second glass of wine on Saturday our age, and how quickly time is flying from us going to 6th form- to uni- back home again and into full-time employment, caused us to dwell in this ‘Temporary state’ of panic and slight anxiety. Originally this panic stemmed from my own personal and minor panic-Β post uni & redundancy, that I was at an age where I need to be serious and really should begin a job in which my career can stem, was I focusing on the wrong things? Some of my friends are looking to settling down with their boyfriends in actual houses- whereas I am both the wrong side of having a deposit for even the rental market and currently nowhere near a potential boyfriend. You can see how this minor panic soon spread onto the other girls πŸ™‚

I recently read that there was a growing trend in the older generation of 30-something’s regressing back into a teenage-like state; avoiding settling down in careers and marriage in favour for the slightly unpredictable renting market, living out of their overdrafts and preferring the more casual take on relationships with partners. While 20-something’s (like myself) were heading for the other end of the scale; fresh from university with the strict goal to save, save, save for that first home deposit and set on settling down with their current partner, preferring marriage to being 30 and single. Now, I don’t actually mind if I fell into either or these categories but as my slight anxiety took over, enhanced by the second glass of wine, I realised that I am actually heading toward the former-dragging my friends with me!

The girls involved in the conversation were on my wave length of minor panic, airing the same worries and views as I was spouting (comforting πŸ™‚ ) but the individual who’s birthday it was, and who’s age had caused me to think how close I was to 23, wasn’t phased at all! Despite being in her 5th year of 7 at university she was totally calm and content with her life currently, making me re-think my anxiety too. I am lucky enough to see both former and latter examples of the ‘next generation’, as some of my friends are beginning careers and looking to move in- or have already moved in with their other halves and are incredibly happy with where they are. I also have friends at the other end of the scale (myself included) content with working but not necessarily starting a career yet and not with anyone in particular but enjoying the options out there! Neither looking to stay at home forever but also not desperate to move out as it will mean an end to the topshop addiction & wine drinking.

As the conversation went on, made more positive as we began to realise our panic may have been slightly over exaggerated (nothing to do with the wine consumption) our dear friend made us realise that actually we did have plenty more years to begin our career, move out of our homes, even find that ‘knight in shining armour’ and that really we were a bit ridiculous as she’s the oldest in our group and the least bothered! So with her ‘pearls of wisdom’ falling on (half) listening ears we began to relax, and hey- even though I may be in a ‘temporary’ state right now, who’s to know what opportunities may come my way!

*I just want to reassure my regular readers as they know that I am 99% optimist- 99% of the time! I blame the wine and the shared panic in my girls eyes when I began the discussion for my ‘temporary’ state of mind! I am still that optimist πŸ™‚


thoughts please..

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