Apologies for the brief absence

Hello dear readers,


Regular readers/ general fans 🙂 will notice I have been absent from blogging for two weeks and despite some poor excuses; a bout of tonsillitis (vile & not welcome back any time soon) and a few too many hangovers (self-inflicted obvs but still not enjoyable) I feel I owe a blog post for general life updates.


Running/ training attempts to reach 10km by christmas are still very much on-going and despite losing my dear friend Run Keeper briefly, I aim to be re-instating this fabulous friendship as soon as Amazon hurry the heck up and deliver my new ipod, I have learnt to run with just the sound of traffic. Lush. The short days and looonng dark evenings make for rather uneasy running too as I now have to squeeze a run in post-work and in pitch black! Worth it though.

The hangovers have upped this month (not good for training) as I find more of my dear ladies are freeing themselves from dead-beat boyfriends (oh-so true)  and the social calendar forever booking up which is all fun and games until the bank balance decides to send me little reminders and my addiction to online shopping has to take a step back- but I will sacrifice this for the healing powers wine and laughing like a loon have on broken hearts.

As well as the hectic pub going, not to mention the few pimples gained, I have also been writing lists for lists for possibly my most favourite time of year; Christmas. Yep- I said it! The word everyone dreads to actually hear but is thrown in our faces by Oct 1st with shop displays, tv adverts and the fabulous Scott Mills and his annual attempt to play the first Christmas song on the radio (It was in Oct. Mariah Carey’s classic ‘All I want for Christmas, if you were wondering) I love it! Welcomed with open arms now its November and Starbucks have their festive red cups in 🙂 and I aim to be fully prepared with the family gifts this year hence the forward planning with lists. I struggle with my Dad’s gifts so- answers on a postcard!

Of course there is the small but incredibly important matter of my gift to me this year as I am lacking in the significant other department, and I aim to treat myself to whatever it is I fancy. My wish list for myself so far includes some GHD’s (preferably in pink) Chanel nail varnish (think rouge) any Jo Nesbo books I can get my hands on pre-holiday and the limited addition black diamonds/ white gold Amanda Wakely design for Ernest Jones. So I best get saving if I aim to please on Christmas morning 🙂

I am also kicking off the festive feeling with my dearest mum this weekend and visiting the Christmas fair in Olympia for my BDT articles which I am all to happy about attending- especially as I get to play ‘serious journalist’ for the day complete with my press pass. I fear those of you Scrooges reading this will tire of my Christmas excitement  as I peek too soon so will try to dial down the festive blogging until at least Dec 1st.


No promises 🙂


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