Inspired by the lovely Jayne Crammond I have decided to write my top five odd things/behaviours that I do or like as a little insight to my slightly mental state! Plus its good fun comparing your crazy levels with others 🙂

  1. I will always sing when driving. I can’t help it. I never sing in the usual places i.e. the shower, but stick me in the car and I literally don’t care who my passenger is! I will sing like a loon and love it.
  2. I wish I could bottle the smell of petrol because I think its delicious. Its addictive and although I don’t want the stuff on my skin I would so buy it in perfume form. Tasty stuff
  3. The best nights’ sleep for me are always in an oversized t-shirt and pants. My mum thinks I’m too old for pj’s but I never spend a night without wearing them and fear I may never break this routine! I will probably spend forever sleeping dressed and I don’t care
  4. I will always eat by the rule ‘Best til last’ and save yummy things like yorkshire puds or tasty sausages etc. until everything else has been consumed. Don’t ask why because I don’t know, but what I do know is I can’t not do it. It also confuses certain members of my family who eat a lot faster than me and are always keen to finish off everyone’s left overs. I love seeing the disappointment on their faces when I smack their hand away!
  5. I can’t help but call everyone I know ‘Bub’. Even my dog who’s nickname is ‘Bupee’…or puppy, Georgie, fatty etc.- you get the point. I always refer to everyone in an affectionate ‘Bub’ rather than their actual name which probably drives them all mad . I literally can’t help myself, its like name torrettes or like I’m too lazy to call them by their proper name. I’m not too lazy its just I like calling those closest by a cute little name. I haven’t had any complaints so far….
So now I’ve shared a little insight to my odd behaviour please feel free to comment and share with me what your weird points! It feels good sharing 🙂

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