From Lady to Lad

No. of chocolate related items: 34 and rising

No. of coffee’s: 2

No. of runs this week: 3

As it has been recently pointed out I haven’t done a run update (mainly because I have been runkeeper-absent) and due to the dark evenings running 5k has been bumped to mornings. Yep. I am now that nutter running at 6.30am before work because its lighter than the post-work runs I used to do. Roll on the spring…

Continuing the ‘SATC’ theme or (Sex And the City) I have recently been using, and the baffling new world of men, being single and dating I shall share with you my new approach to men, being single and dating!

As an observer of the night life recently I began to notice the behaviour that groups of lads, or boys, who are all single and looking for trouble display! They usually hunt in packs of 3+ and can be spotted by the bar downing pints until eventually moving onto the dance floor to continue their prowling behaviour until they find their targets. You may hear such lines as ‘WAHEY- Get on the beers son!’ and ‘Down it, Down it, Down it,’ which will swiftly be followed by the loudest cheer and possible beer glass being tipped on whoever had finished their drink first.

These ‘LADS’ (must be shouted) usually have two drinks at a time and can be seen high five-ing and ‘fist-bumping each other as they wolf whistle a poor unsuspecting girl trying to get to the toilet. They will also be the ones shouting ‘Alright schweetheart’  when moving from bar to bar and there will nearly always be a ring leader in which the rest of the LADS will follow suit. They’re confident, gobby but nearly always drawing attention from girls because they’re open about their single status and are clearly looking for some fun. These would be the type of men I suggest avoiding…until now

It appears there is a definite air of ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’ to this LAD approach myself and some of my single girls have taken, involving a lot of high fives, suggestive dancing and the odd rejection (You still have to be fussy!) Usually we would take the normal ‘Get lost’ or ‘Sorry we ALL have boyfriends’ *turns to friend* ‘That sounds believable right!?’ to these LADS, but recently we decided to ‘Join them’ and go from Lady to LAD. This has involved dressing to impress, for me that was not wearing my faithful thick black tights, dancing the night away with various boys, a lot of wine confidence and sometimes even exchanging numbers. We have taken the ‘hunt in a pack’ style of single girl-lads of 3+ and will be found in a particular bar with two cocktails in hand (241 offers are the best!) before making our way bar to bar, confident and ready to take on the LADS by playing them at their own game.  This has so far been harmless fun, involving a lot of LAD style confidence, dancing, being honest with what you’re looking for and the odd date! (not on my behalf) We are definitely embracing the Lady to LAD way to the single life.

However we are also aware, as single girls, that the LAD way of life does not mean you will find love- in fact, its totally wrong way of going about finding someone you would like to get to know, but for now we are LADS and loving it.


thoughts please..

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