Rules of dating…or lack of

No. of coffee’s: 1 (shock!)

No. of chocolatey items: 2 (and growing)

No. of runs: 1 today

Small update for the running enthusiasts (i.e. No-one else!) I have been merrily running with my ipod, which although was very much gratefully received after such a long wait, hasn’t fulfilled my needs completely. You see, my beloved Runkeeper used to work on the iphone because of a tiny miracle; 3G, which unfortunately the ipod touch lacks. It only works with wi-fi so now I am only getting my results whenever I run past another persons house and pick up wi-fi- in the countryside the house are few and far between. So now according to Runkeeper I am running 3.69k in 25mins averaging 7.50mins a km. Ridiculous! You can’t have it all

A slight change of subject now as the world of dating has been hot topic amongst my single friends lately as the dates begin to creep back. Whilst watching our single-girl role model Carrie Bradshaw, discussing some of the worst dates- or Job interviews as she politely puts it, we started to discuss our own experiences and list the Do’s and Dont’s that we expect from our first date.

First dates are awkward and you can be the most outgoing of people but still suffer from being shy as you try to impress your date with witty banter whilst avoiding getting mint leaves from your mojito in your teeth. Add to this amount of shy and panicky question-asking as you try not to be overwhelmed by how much you really fancy them, you then have to try to remember to behave like a civilised being and pretend like you never swear and are totes sophisticated. Tricky for some!

Failing that try to remember to avoid committing any of the following ‘sins’ from the list below. Compiled (scientifically, of course) by my own experience and that of my dear friends, the 7 ‘Deadly date sins’  should be avoided at all costs either by you or look out for them in your date to avoid future disappointment!

  1. Mind your language- Or P’s & Q’s, whatever you want to call it- DO NOT SWEAR. Swearing comes so naturally to some people in every day conversation and can happen on a date when you feel so comfortable in your dates’ company that you forget you’ve only met once and begin to talk to them like a familiar friend. Don’t. Refrain from using bad language at least on the first date, it only shows a limited vocabulary and your aim is to impress not put off
  2. Wardrobe malfunctions- This one is easier for girls as we have a wider choice for outfits but when it comes to the first date you should always try to dress up, even if you’re only going to Pizza express. Or the pub. Dress smartly and you’ll be remembered as putting in the effort and thought, dress too casually and you’ll find yourself either a ‘pity second date’ (never ends well) or with no second date at all because you wore stone washed jeans and an old checked shirt.
  3. Ask Q’s-  Embrace the inner journalist in you and ask lots of questions about everything! Favourite films, food, music, childhood, family etc. etc. but do not ask about exes or past relationships. The more questions you can ask the more you find out- and the more you find out, the more you may discover in common with each other. Try not to talk about yourself so much, unless they’re asking too
  4. ‘I Love You’-  Do NOT be too keen and tell them you love them/ miss them after one date/ see you moving in together or discuss marriage in any sense. Its just wrong- and makes you seem crazy. So don’t do it! Don’t use words like ‘Forever’ either, if they’re a good kisser then tell them but don’t tell them you want to kiss them forever….
  5. Sober as a judge-  This is a tricky one as first dates tend to be in bars or restaurants where its almost obligatory to have a drink, but try to limit it to just one or two- you really don’t want to be remembered as the person who got bladdered on the first date and ended up making a fool of yourself! Keeping the alcohol down will also make you less likely to commit sin no.4 whilst on your first date
  6. White lies- Don’t tell fibs, remember what happened to Pinocchio!  don’t lie to impress your date- you will always get found out and look stupid for it! Even if the lie is easily proved or could be true don’t say it! Honesty is the best feature in potential partners so just be yourself, you’ll seem far more attractive & remember they agreed to go on the date in the first place so they must like you a bit!
  7. & finally… Do not go home with them afterwards! No matter how tempting it may seem or if they ask you back to theirs for ‘coffee’, or if they’re even fitter than you remember when you met- hold back! Sleeping with them after the first date is a massive no-no and it will end in tears because you have either destroyed any hopes of a second date or they will think it was all you wanted! If you do then you may well be remembered as being or easy being the person who can’t say no 🙂

There are probably hundreds more but as we were discussing rather recent events these were the most important ones to us girlies! I should probably also state that these are not for everyone (some people want to commit no.7 before the date has happened!) but they are the rules I aim to follow for my next date. Watch this space….


thoughts please..

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