You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs

*Massive thank you to all my readers as my blog reaches over 100 hits a day 🙂 You guys are fab*

No. of runs this week: 1 (fighting my 2nd lot of tonsillitis!)

No. of cake-related items: too many!

No. of days til christmas: 16

As a hopeful writer (and reader of most things) I am all too aware that you cannot ever publish articles, blogs or columns etc. without causing either controversy or disagreement with at least one person, especially if you write from a personal point of view- such as a blog. Journalists are forever causing trouble by expressing views or saying something in, or out, of context that ruffles a few feathers- As the saying goes ‘You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs’ (Thanks to Gavin and Stacey for that one) and through writing for entertainment and my own pleasure, sooner or later someone was going to object to something I said. It was therefore no surprise to me when I received my first negative (albeit very melodramatic) comment on my blog ‘Its the Carrie in me’ and don’t assume dear reader that this blog will now be an apology to this reader as I refuse- point blank- to apologise for any view I express about my own life and experiences. I also refuse to give him the publicity but may suggest (to him) he shouldn’t have used his work email address to comment as he is now subscribed to my blog updates. You’re welcome!

I am flattered and pleased that my blog has gone global reaching Canada, USA and now Rainham, Essex. I couldn’t be more grateful that lots of people- both men and women are reading it 🙂 and despite the strong reaction from one reader about the ‘Mental state’ I display in my portrayal of myself I don’t plan to change the style any time soon. You see, I started blogging when I left uni as I quickly realised it was really hard to get into Journalism or writing as a career but I wanted to carry on post-essays so it just seemed like a good idea. It also helps (I think) if you are a reader who knows me and my slightly tongue-in-cheek ways. The colloquial style of my writing is also how I tend to hold my conversations (with or without wine in hand) Some people may however take the tone the wrong way and there may be some blogs which give the impression that I feel men are disposable (I don’t think this) or that our behaviour as single girls will only attract a certain type of man (we are aware of this and that’s the point!) I have always asked permission from my friends if I want to mention or write about them and they are always too happy to have their experiences written about and I would never reveal real names nor write anything I wouldn’t want my parents to read. Hi mum & dad! But I will also not stop writing about my single-girl experiences, bad dates, number exchanges and general girl issues which my friends and I experience.

The very public use of the internet these days means that as soon as you write or post something its out there and can never be erased. Quite cool, but also means you have to consider firstly what it is you want to say then proofread, double check and ask permission before publicising anything (which I do) It also means you can criticise or have opinions anonymously and say anything you like to someone that you would probably refrain from saying if you ever met in the flesh.  This leads me to my last point- the critic from ‘Its the Carrie in me’ describes me as being mental; something I feel you can decide on your own if you have ever met me, held a conversation or been a boyfriend- not an opinion as a result of reading my blogs. I would perhaps suggest to the individual that he doesn’t read them if he is offended by my portrayal of men and women behaving badly, don’t read between the lines as there really are no hidden meanings in what I write and perhaps don’t suggest that nine-year-old girls would be upset at reading my portrayal of a ‘LAD’ as my blogs are not suitable as a fairytale story for little girls, they’re pure unadulterated (minus bad language and sex) filth and I intend to keep them that way.





4 thoughts on “You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs

  1. I have negative comments all the time. Mostly, by the people who I write about!!! Once I wrote a post about the royal family and that pissed lots of people off. I don’t care it’s my blog and I will write what I want so fuck everyone and write away, Emily. I love your blog! Keep going, kid. Life is too short. xx

  2. Go Emily!! You tell’em!! I think your blogs are totes amazing! And I always have a giggle at them! I am now luckily very happy with the boy, but have done all that dating/single girl nonsense (and excitement) and enjoy all the stories and remembering my own experiences! You just keep writing as you do in your own wonderful way and ignore the haters!

    Lots of love
    Mia xx

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