Something’s in the air…

No. of chocolate based items consumed: 349 and climbing (just this week!)

No. of runs: 1 (nasty incident with black ice = a very bruised behind!)

No. of days til christmas: 3 (fabulous!)

Ah Christmas, my MOST favourite time of year! The tinsel, the glitter, lights everywhere- I literally can’t get enough! The mulled wine flows, the office Christmas parties are in abundance (Ours was excellent) and the mistletoe hangs in bunches, hopeful of catching singletons who don’t have significant others this year.

Now this last statement- the ‘singleton’ bit- hasn’t been an issue and in fact I have been embracing this ‘minus-a-partner’ part by buying myself gifts which I a) can now afford as I’m not forking out for big extravagant gifts which he will only exchange/never use/ pretend to like and b) That I actually like, and want! Perfect! This, dear readers is a win:win. My single girlfriends are approaching this fabulous family-filled holiday in exactly the same way; by fighting off the saddened Granny’s ‘You’ll find someone soon’ comments with a big smile and smug look as they unwrap gifts they have chosen for themselves, enjoying the time with friends and family and not having to worry about pleasing his mother this year, perfect!

However I have noticed recently the single men in my life, albeit briefly in my life, have not been taking this positive approach on being alone at Christmas- the saying “You sit waiting ages for a bus and all of a sudden 3 come at once” would appropriately suit the situation. It appears that past (and brief) ‘encounters’ from nights out of past have been feeling a little low, as tis’ the season etc. and have been trying to get in touch for various Coffee dates or sending the hopeful ‘Sorry I haven’t been in touch but…’ texts in a bid to warm my affections and take them up on their  irresistible offers of dinner all of a sudden. Erm…. NO Since when has it been ok to ignore/ not reply/ not ever call a person you meet (and like, apparently) for weeks- sometimes months, and then just call out of the blue because you feel lonely at Christmas. Unacceptable behaviour! If  interested- then act it.

It appears that this year the single man is having a hard time being on their own and its this sense of desperation that makes them reach out…. and ‘text’ (they need to learn to delete numbers once in awhile!) in the hope that pity and ‘Good will’ will make us say yes. In my experience of the last couple of weeks it seems those ‘Dead-fish flirts‘ and game players have decided it’s better to suck it up and apologise for being rubbish in the hope they will have someone to call their own under the mistletoe this Christmas than spend it alone, round the table with their siblings and their significant others. I don’t think so!

I can proudly say that this Christmas I will be enjoying the company of my dear family and closest friends- through choice and all too gladly! There won’t be many more years left (here’s hoping) that I will be able to spend the festive day in my onesie (hopeful gift from the smaller Isaac!) eating as much cheese as I like, watching Gavin and Stacey re-runs and not having to make an effort for anyone else’s parents, grandparents, neighbours, extended family, friends etc. etc. So for now I will embrace the fact I can enjoy the Christmas period in exactly the way I choose; foot-lose and fancy free (My mum would use the word floozy in there too!)

– Perhaps I should have replied to their messages with my optimism and let them know its ok to be alone at Christmas……

Perhaps not 🙂


thoughts please..

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