New years resolutions

A belated happy new year to you all dear readers, apologies for the lack of blogging of late- I got carried away with the spirit of Christmas and the new year goodness.

This year is the first year that I have no resolutions, well not the normal ones like ‘Quit chocolate’ ‘Diet’ or ‘Quit Smoking’ etc. that everyone says they’ll do and then gives up by 13th Jan but I have aims, or goals if you will. These aims include; becoming a more sensible adult, find dream job, consider moving out, blog weekly and to reign in the party scene ( but not too much) … etc. etc.

This year has already started with a new job for me (Hi Hughes house!) as a member of the projects team, no more temping which is a relief! and I managed to keep up the running/ yoga side to life too over christmas, good effort if you ask me! Last year also ended well for my girls as one of our best friends got engaged (Congrats Vikki and Ed) and the BEST bit, in my opinion is that I- along with 7 other fabulous ladies- get to be a bridesmaid 🙂 Very exciting as its my first time. I plan to take this role as bridesmaid very seriously and listen to my dear friends’ wants/ needs and behave like the perfect bridesmaid etc. in the hope my other girls will ask me in the future! However I have already been warned that under no circumstances am I, or any other of the bridesmaids, allowed to order a stripper….As if I would ever think about doing such a thing!

On the men front this year I have decided (as mentioned previously) not to give my number out so freely this year! Yes, I mean it this time (not including last weekend) I didn’t really try last year and this resulted in confusing unsaved number messages from boys, some I have actually forgotten, who decide after two months of never contacting that it would be worth texting/ calling me and see if I’m still interested! I will also aim to understand the mindset of a man and in an attempt to a) have better dates and dating karma in 2012 and b) find out why they don’t contact you for days after what you thought was quite a good date. Or even why they don’t contact you in the same month as the date… however I fear I may never get to the bottom of it.

As I aim to blog more often I will try to feature some of my favourite bloggers to help spread the word and to share with my readers the sorts of blogs that influence mine. This week I introduce to you dear reader- the wonderful Ali Bunn who’s blog is also about new years resolutions. She is a great writer and even better she is a fellow Brew drinkings lady 🙂 Happy reading!


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