So following the last blog about having positive date karma for 2012 I decided to start this new year as I meant to go on and I gave a boy the benefit of the doubt (doubting myself in the process) by replying to a message from two weeks ago….for the karma side of things!

Picture the scene: An awkward approach in a night club, followed by a good date in a pub somewhere, followed by nothing.


Not one message post- date saying ‘Thanks for a great night’ etc. until four days later and a weak- sounding text apologising for being so busy he simply couldn’t have spent 5 minutes of his day sending a text to say ‘Hi’ or fancy another drink etc. … So I convinced myself it was my ‘quick to dump’ attitude and it was Christmas and ultimately I did ignore his text- something I swore I wouldn’t do…

See, as the tiny hippy in me believes- you should treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. I didn’t express interest in him until he approached and as I did give him my number I expected some level of interest from him (Am I wrong so far!?) So why after the effort of asking me out and THEN having a nice date does he not reply, I ask myself? …The answer is obvious: He’s just not that into me, or so I thought

As a single person who all too freely ย swaps numbers I admit- I am not perfect and have had to send those awkward ‘Sorry I’m not really looking for anything’ or ‘I don’t think its such a good idea to meet for coffee’ etc. A simple but to the point message which indicates I am not interested (and the beer goggles have disappeared!) I send these messages, awkwardly, I repeat! because I don’t want to a) ignore the text because I know what its like to ask someone out and never hear back- ouch. and b) I want to have positive karma and ignoring a message does not lead to positive repercussions from the universe!

So- with this in mind I decided to reply to the weak-sounding message at the beginning of this year stating that I didn’t reply because he left it so long and this clearly meant he wasn’t interested- which was fine- really! but I didn’t think it was right etc. I also called him rubbish. He admitted he was rubbish. Excellent- or so I thought…because he then replied. And I replied….you can see where this led.

It has now concluded (post-drunk messages) in him asking what I’m up to at the weekend…and me taking the hint and asking if he fancied another date…perhaps I mis-read the signs and assumed replying to messages showed slight interest after two weeks of contact- again I was wrong!

Silence has once again got hold of him (or his inability to text. Ever) and today deletesville finds itself with yet another village idiot as I have decided karma or no good karma- life is too short to wait for that reply! As I cleanse my phone of yet another bad karma-d number I can hold onto the thought ย that my positive karma is still well and truly in tact and I pray his will be shot to shit. For a short period at least ๐Ÿ™‚


6 thoughts on “Karma…

  1. Hedgehog… The girls at work have just given me a copy of the book ‘he’s just not that into you’ because he’s clearly just not that into me. 1st lesson, if he’s not chasing you he’s not interested – and if he’s not interested he’s stupid, and if he’s stupid he’s not good enough for you!

    • This is oh-so-true ๐Ÿ™‚ he (and knob!) are stupid and clearly think they can behave all ‘aloof’ and we will keep on chasing! Not happening! Had a reply last night to my suggested meet saying ‘Erm possibly but I have an exam next week’…why bother if he isn’t bothered- he should have the balls to either stop replying or just say ‘Look, I’m just not that into you’ and men think women are complicated!

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