Love, actually

No. of  bruises: about 23

No. of runs post-boarding: 1 (sore knee)

No. of bread related products consumed: 457

Some regular (male) readers of my blog often comment about how my experiences with men are not very positive which then makes my blog seem like a dig at the male race. Other readers have suggested that this is because I either need to change the type of man I go for or try to see the good in them…… Even the rubbish ones?!? So I saw this as a challenge and have decided to dedicate this blog all about men and why I do actually love them. The good, the bad and even the ugly ones 🙂 (sorry!) because let’s face it men are sometimes brilliant. They can make your day by the smallest gestures and lets face it, if they were all so well behaved all of the time what on earth would girls have to gossip about! Perhaps blame the positive view on my post-holiday high

So here are some of the reasons why having a man in your life, even for a brief few weeks, is a good thing:

  1. Word-smith’s: They have the ability to make your day with that one simple text: ‘Hi, how are you’ never fails to make you smile because it means they’re thinking of you. Also everyone likes someone to text
  2. Chilvary:  Holding the door for you/ pulling out your chair/ offering to pay for your tea etc. etc. are not huge gestures but again make you feel special. Fact. (This also works when your girlfriends do it for you. Perhaps chivalry can work both ways)
  3. Little white lies: One of my exes used to tell me I looked good natural and without make up. Of course I never listened to him but the compliment was sweet and it always made me feel better. Complimenting girls on how they look is an instant winner and men know this!
  4. Its the small things:  Make me a tea and I’ll love you forever (or so the saying should go) Sometimes its the simple things like making you tea without asking or bringing it to you in bed, just lovely!
  5. Man friends: Sometimes the best company can be male; if you’ve had a hard day or feel particularly grumpy about something men just seem to have a more laid back approach to life which I find instantly lifts my bad mood and makes me forget what it is that bugged me
  6. Man hugs: Likewise for hugs! The above can apply for those days where only a big man-hug will make you feel better. However this doesn’t need to be a man-friend, dad’s and brothers are just as good at these healing hugs.
  7. Flirts: Flirting. Its the most fun you can have with your clothes on and it happens everywhere, all the time. In the office, with shop assistants, social media, workmen- the list is endless! And again its harmless fun between boys and girls of all ages. Sorry girls but flirting with your friends just doesn’t cut it when you can flirt with a cute security guard/ coffee barrista/ shop boy etc. and it leaves you feeling guilt-free and happy for the rest of your day!
  8. Knights in armour: Not shining armour but still knights all the same. Boys have an instinct to protect girls- even girls they have only just met, which is sweet and even if you really don’t need walking to your car which is 200 yards from Nando’s door, you let them because it makes you feel special and the boys feel needed

See, they’re not all bad- and I really do love men!

*Note: When you find yourself in a stage of not having a man in your life, and even that guy who sometimes messages to check his chances are still in has gone AWOL, these points above are equally made special if your friends do them too*


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