St Valentine

No. of pizza slices consumed: 34 and rising (A certain pizza restaurant has also decided to wish me an early happy birthday! This cannot be a good sign)

No. of runs: 1

No. of  cake products: 2 (a donut and nando’s new cheesecake!)

Now the post- Christmas weight has caught up with me I have decided that training must start up properly again and I began my new fitness regime on a high; a trip to the gym with one of my dearest girlies. The ulterior motive behind my guest gym pass was the promise that a lot of hot men (off of exercise) worked out at her gym and particularly on a Saturday afternoon. Eagerly I went along to see if she was merely trying to encourage my new approach to toning and losing the excess Christmas dinners etc. with the empty promises of gym talent! It turns out she was right- I was not disappointed! It seems I can be encouraged to work out for 3 hours (yep, 3!) as long as I am surrounded by testosterone-fuelled, competitive, gym bunnies! Who said it was just men who could be shallow!

On the subject of the opposite sex it will not escape any of my readers that Valentines day is fast approaching- even if you don’t celebrate this particular Saints day (Yes, he was a real saint!) its really hard to avoid as red roses and chocolates appear everywhere! After having a debate with a colleague about how ‘Real’ Valentines day is and how much of a- quote: ‘commercial load of rubbish’- unquote, he personally felt it was, I wondered how many people out there really took this day seriously? Is it as commercial as everyone makes out or can it be romantic and meaningful without all the fluff and cards the shops insist you must buy your loved one!?  Gone are the days when you could send an anonymous card to your crush, sign it with just kisses and watch as they scratch their heads and wonder who it is that fancies them from afar. Now its all sending large bunches of flowers to their desks, champagne with personalised labels or gestures of diamonds from certain jewellers.

The blatant pushing of all things red and heart-shaped from shops can make us single people feel slightly worse about not having that ‘special’ someone almost encouraging us to feel lonely/ a tad bit sad and like we’re all missing out on the ‘fuzzy love’ crap, when really isn’t it just another day? We manage to function as singleton’s every other day without feeling too sad/ lonely etc. without that special someone, but why on the 14th are we made to feel out of place at the cinema with the girls or the odd ones out sat on a table for 6 in a restaurant when every other table is for 2? And surely chocolates and heart-shaped biscuits can be enjoyed by everyone on any other day of the year? Just a thought.

Speaking to some ladies who are one half of happy couples, they all say that even though they don’t particularly go all out on V-Day their other half either cooks for them or makes them breakfast etc. and generally make that bit more effort to show their affections! Even my dear parents exchange cards to each other after 30 years of marriage.  It seems every couple have little traditions even if they don’t include huge gestures like diamonds and bouquets. Its a personal display of affection between each other which is surely the most important factor of Valentines day?!

My day will be spent wishing my dear friend a happy birthday and after work I plan to have dinner with my girls and celebrate the fact that this year, we may not have someone to sit and eat heart-shaped chocolates with but hey- we have each other!


thoughts please..

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