Pancake Day or the Last day of pleasure!?

No. of runs since Friday: 3 (bad!)

No. of  cake-based items: 2 (not bad!)

No. of  bread/ cheese/ meat products consumed: 2345 and rising

Apologies readers for my lack of blogging lately, I have been super busy turning another year older- and none the wiser, celebrating one’s birthday is rather time consuming! My mum refers to it as my ‘Birthday Week’ as I like to try to fit in seeing everyone including the family and it can never happen on the same day. One of my birthday events was a trip to Portsmouth with the girls for a messy weekend of cocktails and sailor-hunting, or ‘Seamen’ as I liked to shout, very loudly, whilst slightly worst for wear. Alas we found no muscle-bound naval officers anywhere on our trip to Portsmouth but we had a good time in sequins nonetheless and we decided that Portsmouth was perhaps not the party city we had heard about. Just wondering- where do all the sailors go!?

Another general perk to it being my birthday is that being in February you are guaranteed to have ‘Pancake Day’ or Shrove Tuesday as it is officially (and properly) known as. Sometimes it even falls on my birthday which therefore means I must eat pancakes all day before Ash Wednesday looms its ugly head and I begin a usually gruelling 40 days of giving some sort of food item up that I love dearly but does not love me back. In the past I have tried giving up; crisps (successfully) Chocolate, cakes (wasn’t so successful- muffins are confused cake items!) bread etc. etc. Basically anything tasty that I like to indulge in on a daily basis but is not particularly good for me and certainly does not help with my running! This year I have decided that having a coffee (latte, specifically) a day is not good for me so caffeine is first on my list (Eek!) which, as my mum pointed out, includes wine and coke too. Great. So now my nights out will be dominated by what drinks I can actually order at the bar *Goes to google caffeine content in Champagne*

My next thing is sugar. “Hi I’m Emily and I am a sugar-holic”. I could eat Pick’n’Mix sweets until my teeth fall out. Chocolate- excellent, I’ll have 3 bars! Yes, I will have two croissants for breakfast post-run on a Saturday etc. etc. I have a problem with all things sweet and tasty so this is another thing that I need to reign in. Fact. This can only be a good thing as cellulite and sugar come as a pair

When discussing Lent with various people in the office there is a common theme in giving up ‘bad’ foods like bread, crisps, cakes, biscuits etc. and while this is not a bad thing to aim to quit (depending on how much you eat of it everyday) there will come a point, usually Easter Sunday, when you can eat all those things again. And you will. Most girls may not admit to it but they will be quitting those sorts of foods to aim to lose weight or at least change something about their appearance; skin or even battling cellulite there will be some ulterior motive to giving up bread, sugar, crisps etc.

I know I won’t be able to live without coffee forever so that will definitely re-enter my life again…. and those moments where I embrace my inner child- sweets will also be back on the menu but hopefully by living without them completely I will be able to cut way back on how many times a week I am eating the ‘bad stuff’.

As it has been my Birthday ‘Week’ I have really been eating all the foods- and at all times of the day and night so Lent ‘detox’ couldn’t have come at a better time and I feel I will only benefit from not eating all the crap I would usually. Starting positively!

Saying that, its someone’s birthday in the office and they have just bought several boxes of Krispy Kremes in.

Oh. God.

Good luck everybody!


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