Last of a dying breed

Picture the scene: A messy night out with the best red head I know in her home town of Brixton, a pub with a ‘New Year’ vibe and lots of reggae dancing. A typical night out which ends in meeting a boy, having a cheeky snog and getting the wrong order in McDonald’s at 4am. Nothing out of the ordinary and as said boy lives in another country so I thought nothing of it when he text the next day…

Fast forward to last week and ‘The Pilot’ which will be his tag name (much to his disgust!) treated me to the best date I have ever had….

As a single girl I have experienced my fair share of bad dates- the usual ‘drinks in a bar’ , pity date or cinema trip which ends in an awkward kiss and the polite ‘Thanks but no thanks text’ which either comes from your phone or his as you realise the only thing you ever had in common was being drunk. And its not just me- my single girl friends have horror stories of some terrible dates which end in that uncomfortable half-hug kiss, or even some fabulous dates which end in being ‘Binned-off’ anyway because he didn’t want anything serious/ is too busy with work commitments etc.  Terribly confusing. I was beginning to think all first dates had to be bad or awkward and if you could get through the first one the next few would be a breeze? As I don’t count eating the wrong burgers at 4am as a first date, the first proper date The Pilot and I went on wasn’t awkward or cheesy and we didn’t spend the whole time in the dark and in silence watching a film which one of us would have inevitably compromised on to make the other happy. It was a proper grown up date. With cocktails.

From the initial meet he was everything a gentleman should be; well-dressed, confident, he held doors open- even held my bag (not my handbag!) Perhaps its down to him being slightly older? My experience of the older man is that they want to impress from the start- pulling out your chair and opening doors are all things they have been brought up to do, making girls feel special, and its nice! The older man wouldn’t turn up to a date in a beanie hat (has actually happened!) or suggest a certain chicken restaurant as a ‘Fine dining’ option. Instead he lets you choose venues, insists on paying and doesn’t get ID’d when ordering cokes in a wetherspoons.  The Pilot is all of the latter (minus the wetherspoons!) and has the charm to pull it off so well too (swoon!) Is the older man a dying breed or the way forward?

I certainly think older men are the way forward for first dates as they certainly know how to treat women properly. He made a great second impression (first one was made with beer goggles) and as we bundled into a taxi which I thought was aimlessly driving into the city centre, I had no idea the evening had already been planned…

As a surprise he had booked us into Centre Point Tower, Bar 32, to enjoy an amazing panoramic view of London town at night. It was stunning and as I haven’t been on the London eye I hadn’t ever seen London from such a high view nor at night. The obligatory Cosmopolitan in my hand and some Tequila/ champagne cocktail he had allowed me to order him (he soon regretted letting me choose his drinks all night!) we stood overlooking the bright lights of the capital and taking in the sights of South bank whilst chatting about nothing and everything. Sounds so simple but it worked- it was quite literally the best date I have had as it was thoughtful and imaginative as well as original and it didn’t involve any popular ‘Chicken chained’ restaurant. Dinner was just a quick stroll into China town which was fun as neither of us had any idea where to eat so I chose a restaurant with Marco Pierre White’s face on the menu thinking it would mean that, despite appearances, this restaurant is good enough for Michelin starred Chefs to eat in. Inside it quickly became apparent that Michelin starred chef Marco Pierre White would never step foot in a restaurant that stored its boxes of napkins on top of a fridge placed next to our table or have unusual pink liquids in evian bottles on display, but the food was really good so I didn’t really mind that the front of the restaurant also doubled up as the front door to someone’s house. It was a lovely end to a perfect evening.

It may have been the magic of London itself or the effect of several cocktails we had consumed whilst marvelling at the view but it really was the most fun I’ve had on any date, perhaps romance isn’t dead after all and it is possible to have good first dates? All it took was a rather hesitant reply to a message which I thought wouldn’t ever go anywhere…

*Note: I have permission to mention The pilot (his permission!) as I would never usually blog about someone so directly*


thoughts please..

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