Cheers Rihanna!

No. of runs: 4 (post-work in the daylight too!)

No. of bread-based products: 1

No. of Skinny decaf latte’s consumed: Too many, still not the same and sound like an idiot ordering them!

As Lent gets into full swing and I find myself craving coffee more than ever, it seems this year will be a long Lent challenge. Giving up sweets, basically anything with sugar, as well as caffeine was never going to be easy but I didn’t think it would get so hard that I would resort to taking long inhales of coffee from the poor sod accompanying me to a coffee shop. These are the new lows I have now sunk to.

Enough about being healthy and my constant battle to avoid cakes and caffeine and onto Rihanna and her rather annoying declaration on Jonathan Ross’s show on Saturday night. As a fellow single girl and someone who is renowned in the media as being the ultimate party girl- demanding certain male models to appear in her music videos and then having flings with them etc. I always assumed Rihanna was having the time of her life as a young, successful artist and more importantly a single girl about town. It turns out she feels quite the opposite and on Saturday evening she declared, in front of millions, that being single ‘Sucked’ and was’ Awful, boring and incredibly lonely’ before explaining how she felt sad that she was experiencing all these fantastic opportunities like travelling the world and attending awards ceremonies on her own when she should be sharing with someone.

Cue the army of single girls, myself included, yelling ‘Cheers. Thanks for that Rihanna!’ at the TV. Its not like being single is a sentence to be endured or even something people willingly choose to be sometimes but it happens to everyone at some point in our lives and should be embraced- not seen as a massive inconvenience. In the 90’s and 00’s single people, girls in particular, had characters like Bridget Jones and Carrie Bradshaw (ultimate single girl role model!) who were fabulous, had lots parties, dinners, girl dates etc. etc. and none of them had boyfriends (at first!) and yet managed to get through life without being ‘bored’.

Single girls all over know how important it is to never admit out loud to (sometimes) feeling lonely, wishing there was someone to watch The Notebook with, or hoping they’d receive a text from someone other than the local pizza place (actually happens!) This is where Bridget and Carrie did us a huge favour as they never whined out loud about being lonely or bored when single, although there was the small fear expressed by Ms Jones of dying alone and being eaten by Alsatians…something to think about! Instead they just got on with their jobs and building up fabulous wardrobes- when their love lives were stale their shoe collection got better.

If you’re lucky then you’ll have some single ladies in your life and these things like,  having someone to watch The Notebook or going to dinner at the drop of a hat, will be enjoyed with friends instead. Taking advantage of your friends being available and doing exactly what you want (Rihanna I am talking to you!) is something that won’t last forever and one day someone will come into your life and instead of sharing those little moments with friends you share them with that person. And that’s fine too, but why not appreciate the time you have being single to enjoy you. 


One thought on “Cheers Rihanna!

  1. Given her track record for picking blokes, it all sounded a tad desperate. Still, give it a couple of years and she’ll be moaning about how her Caesarian scar has hampered her career.

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