Some things are better left misspelt…

No. of sweets: Big fat 0

No. of coffee’s: 0

No. of runs this week: 1

Apologies for the lack of blogging of late but I have been occupied elsewhere and needed some inspiration for my next few posts!

In a recent discussion with a girlfriend she revealed that a guy she had very recently met had been sending flirty messages (fine and always lovely) however they are all misspelt and grammatically oh-so-wrong, even the simple ones. Now, her argument is that she should send him packing off to deletesville and never reply to him again because if he can’t string a text message together properly how on earth is he going to string a sentence together and make good conversation if she actually takes him up on his offer to quote: ‘Hook up’ unquote.

Usually I would agree with her gut reaction and send him off packing with no hesitation as writing is a vital way of communication and if he can’t get that right then there is no hope for a decent future, however this time I persuaded her to stick with it and see what he’s like on the date. Yep, I have no idea what came over me but for some reason I have convinced her to put up with the badly spelt, grammatically incorrect messages because his conversation in person may be everything she wants in a man- and more! Maybe I’m ill or the sun has affected my brain or maybe I subconsciously worry we will run out of datable men- who knows!? All I know is I want her to refrain from binning him off until she has given him a chance. Not two months ago I went on a pity date with an Italian who couldn’t string a verbal sentence together let alone a send message that made sense, and while English wasn’t his first language and I can appreciate how brave it is to attempt to go international with your dating, I was really put off by his awful grammar and dreadful spelling and poor use of English. This probably makes me a bad person but the conversation wasn’t great and if you can’t understand each other in person there is no way anything can develop…it didn’t matter how many times he told me ‘But everyone can speak the international lanuage of love’. Gag

There are a number of possible reasons as to why this particular boy may decide to message my friend with ‘Hw r u?’ ‘Whats ur fb’ etc. instead of using proper words, one being that he is simply too busy to write out the whole words for ‘How are you’ because, well, they are long words… Or simply because he is eager for her to reply and wants to send short messages to receive quicker replies….. I’m not convincing myself here.

We are all guilty of misusing language for comic effect or because we have in-jokes and silly sayings amongst friends- its fun to use made-up words etc. Heck, sometimes we are all lazy with language and like to shorten things for our convenience! Russell Kane (un) famously shortened ‘Totally inappropriate’ to Totes inaproppes on twitter and now the world has gone ‘Totes cray’ (apols!) for the abbreviation, using ‘totes’ in everyday conversations as well as tweeting and texting amongst friends (Totes guilty of this one…) But this works because its ridiculous to shorten an already short word like ‘Totally’ and therefore its funny and fun to use. It may be a lazy, some may say stupid, way to speak but it pokes fun at those who do speak like this everyday. However when you start to use ‘Hook up’ or misuse ‘There, their and they’re’ with no ounce of irony or mocking tone you perhaps need to step back and have a word with yourself…

How important is it to spell things correctly and use the right grammar in texts!? Personally it is important, to me anyway, and I can’t stand it when people use language lazily and misspell the easiest of words- it puts me off speaking to them but I can’t seem to justify this being a good enough reason not to give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Was my advice to keep up communication with this guy right, or should she have stuck with her instinct and sent him off to deletesville without a second thought? Who knows!? I guess the answers to those questions will lie in how well he holds conversation and whether he speaks like he texts when they go on a date…


2 thoughts on “Some things are better left misspelt…

  1. I love this! When Scott and I were first together I didn’t even understand his misspelled texts (due to his dyslexia) but what he lacked in texting he made up for in person, so it never bothered me. Although I suppose it’s a bit different to just being lazy! Either way I’d always give some one a chance 🙂

  2. My eldest cub (daughter, 13) has just announced that, when she does consider dating a boy, it will have to be one who knows the difference between ‘there, their and they’re’. Chip off the old block. She made an old man very happy!
    My mum uses text speak like a teenager. She’s in her sixties AND an English teacher. About time I put her in a home…

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