The Undateables

It has been said by my nearest and dearest that I have appalling taste in TV programmes, a fact I cannot deny, sadly. Its true to say I don’t watch it for intellectual stimulation and can think of nothing better than snuggling up to watch Crimewatch, Police Interceptors, Real Rescues, TOWIE (Or The only way is Essex) the odd Jeremy Kyle episode etc. etc. the list of dreadful TV is endless! So whilst sat watching the last Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (another for the list!?) I was informed about the new shiny programme which would be aired in its place, a programme that interested me straight away as it was about dating. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed as the ‘Gypsy void’ in my TV viewing would be replaced with a programme called ‘The Undateables’ which immediately grabbed the attention of my irrational side ‘Oh god- am I undateable!?’. After viewing the first episode on channel 4 I was not disappointed….

Regular readers of my blog will have picked up that the theme of dating often runs through my blog- the good, the bad, and sometimes very ugly dating experiences that I, and my dear friends have had have made for some humorous and cringe-worthy blogs in the past (See Karma and Rules of dating) so I welcomed a programme dedicated to the awkwardness of first dates, dating and meeting new people. The title of the show has suffered some backlash as it was rather wrongly named ‘The UNdateables’ implying those involved in the programme would be deemed ‘undateable’ but this was not the case and the audience have been introduced so far to great and immediately likeable personalities looking for love. The idea of the show is to delve into the world of dating from a disabled person’s experience; from meeting new people and on line dating to the dreaded first date and personally I think the show was great! Call me nosey but I loved being able to see the process of peoples first dates unfolding on my screen and felt the audience could completely relate to Richard, Luke and Penny’s nerves and excitement surrounding their first dates.

As any single person would know meeting fun, new people full stop is a full-time job,  made ten times easier by on-line dating- something I am yet to try myself,  in the programme all the singletons sign up to various on-line dating agencies that specialises in match-making people who suffer disabilities. The agencies then take care to match-make people who have the same interests, live in the same area etc. In the first episode Richard definitely steals the show in my opinion, with his quirky and outgoing nature, famously shown doing the ‘Gun show’ dance whilst trying to woo a lovely french lady in a cafe. During the show he admits his battle with Aspergers has in the past restricted his luck in love, and in his words he can be ‘a bit nuts’. He has two dates in the show with two lovely ladies and even shows his LAD side by rejecting one of the girls on the grounds of there ‘Being no physical attraction on my part’ ha!. This weeks show featured the lovely Justin, Shane and Caroline and their dating experiences were once again totally different from the previous show. Shane, for me, stole the show with his love poetry and warm, positive outlook on life. His passion and affections for all ladies made it almost impossible not to like him and whilst his wasn’t the most successful date he refused to give up on love and was last seen on the programme giving his number to a lady in Wilkinsons.

Whilst I know and freely admit my TV choice is not to everybody’s taste, if you do anything this week in a spare hour I urge you to 4OD this lovely, heart-warming series as it will leave you feeling completely different about dating even if you’re in a relationship. Admittedly I came away from watching the last episode with a heavy heart as I empathised with them, knowing first hand how tough it is to be out there and dating,  if you are then faced with more social challenges how disheartened you would feel. Rejection is one of the harsh realities of dating and finding love that we are all faced with at some points but if ‘The Undateables’ can teach us anything it is not to give up- you will find that someone who will quote: ‘Want to be your Christmas present’, it may just take some searching.


thoughts please..

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