Awkward Balloon

As any well-organised (pah!) girl knows attempting to keep a dairy and ensure that every weekend is eventful, is essential to maintain friendships, remember birthdays, celebrate any kind of success etc. and even planning those ‘dinner dates’ in order to fill the diary must be pencilled in with high importance. The weekend just gone was one of those busy-page moments in the diary where I clearly thought I was either wonder woman or could be breezy enough to be in more than one place at a time. Somehow I managed to keep my engagements in good time and with a beast of a hangover. To give you dear readers a small insight into the somewhat crazy weekend just gone I have decided to chronologically document exactly what happened from Friday.

This is how it went….

Arrived in Shoreditch. Saw the Bank of England for the first time. Had a winner winner chicken dinner. Laughed at a cabbie and his running advert. Was approached by a drunk American writer in Spitalfields Tesco express. Received my first business card. Saw a man wearing his dressing gown, in daylight. Drank wine from a plastic water bottle. Convinced the carriage of people going to the O2 that I would be great as the next voice-over lady for trains. Saw Example at O2. Screamed a lot. Drank more wine from a pint glass. Ran up Shoreditch Highstreet. Went to Cargo’s. Drank £12 cocktails. Was unknowingly wing-manned. Unintentionally attended a popular gay night. Ran away from no less than three South African bankers. Was chatted up by another marathon-running South African. Watched a slow-motion hit and run happen on my friends backside. Had tea in bed. Ate bacon rolls in a Mexican cafe. Had an umbrella fight with two guys and their golf brollies. Travelled across London- East to West. Went to my first Army vs. Navy rugby match. Drank cider in the rain. Sang Rugby chants. Watched 5 naked streakers and some fancy-dressed, over-weight men attempt to streak. Got stuck in a car park in Woking. Learnt about Awkward Balloon. Had curry in Surrey. Drank more wine from tiny wine bottles. Played the shuffle game but just with Example, Tinee Tempah and Nikki Minaji. Watched the last SATC episode and cried. Attended a yoga workshop.

And finally, I learnt that sometimes the advice you give out to your friends is just as valuable and applicable to yourself and yet why is it we never, ever take our own advice….


thoughts please..

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