The case of the ‘X’

No. of runs: 2

No. of cake-based products: too many

No. of days until Ibiza: 55

After nearly two weeks absence I decided a blog was long overdue, it has been a rather eventful two weeks of charity runs (1okm Race for life) and birthday celebrations in Birmingham but blogging will now be kept up as I count down the days to Ibiza 2012 with a new boot camp (will blog about that tomorrow) run by an ex-Rugby player (excellent) and make important decisions such as ‘Should I take my ipod’ and ‘which travel insurance should I go for’ etc.

I shall share the bootcamp experience in tomorrow’s blog and discuss something else which has been a topic between my friends and columnists of particular lady magazines too. Re. the title of the blog, do not fear this is not a rant about ex-boyfriends but rather a discussion about using ‘X’s, or kisses, on the end of texts. Yep, in the modern age of communication it has become so easy, everyone’s ‘dropping someone a text’ or tweet-flirting and emailing is the new phone call etc. So when signing off a message the big question is- ‘Do you or don’t you’ when it comes to ‘X’s?

One of my dear friends was recently told be her younger, cooler and generally more fabulous sister that when texting me she didn’t use enough ‘X’ and that there is an exact friend to ‘X’ ratio which we were both ignoring by only sending 3….with me so far?? So if its your close friend you’re texting you should use more than four ‘X’s (we only use 3) but if it’s someone your seeing then it should be two, unless they use more than two (always mirror their x’s), and if you’re in a relationship you can sign off with as many ‘X’s as you like….right…… It seems since the simple days of school where you could write ‘X’ as much as you like and everyone was ‘XOXO’-ing all over the show, the simple sign-off with an X has become very outdated and the new ‘thing’ to do is not sign off with a X at all but just an initial, or sometimes not even that. Personally it depends who I’m messaging as to how many ‘X’ I see fit, and yes I do change to each individual in my life. My mum never signs off a ‘X’ but simple ‘Love mum’ which suits me fine and I follow her suit, two of my favourites use one big X as a simple and effective sign-off whereas my aforementioned friend and I use 3 to each other. Then there’s my other fabulous friend (all female so far) we’ve taken to filling our screens with ‘X’ just for ‘lolz’ and its ‘our thing’ now. The boys I message regularly either send one or two and I reciprocate their amount so as not to over-step the border into ‘inappropriate-flirting-via-x-ing’ and some use no ‘X’s, so am I supposed to assume they don’t care as much?!

I recently read an article on this exact subject of ‘X’ing and the columnist argued the point that as sending instant messages to the people in your life has become daily routine we are using ‘X’s all too freely and should be reserving the use for when it matters…. so far I can only think of birthday cards! Amongst the ramblings (it must have been a quiet week for writers!) said writer stated ‘If you’re sending texts as part of a long conversation then don’t sign off every message with a kiss, but sign off the last one to show you’re both ending the conversation and being polite’. Right! Expressing another particular rule she felt we all needed to follow; Only send kisses to those people you wouldn’t mind kissing in real life, I decided perhaps this had gone too far and there was far too much thought going into the sending of an innocent kiss. However I do find myself agreeing partly with this and when considering who I text I decided I would actually kiss those I send a ‘X’ to in real life (and in some cases have done after a few wines) I also think its polite to reply to a message with ‘X’s from someone who perhaps you’d like to kiss but haven’t yet… equally if they send no kisses whatsoever but you have actually kissed in real life that’s fine too and really I fear the author of said article was guilty of reading far too much into one little letter…surely no-one puts this much thought into a few ‘X’s? Or was the author right, do people get the wrong impression from a text/ email/ tweet if they’re laced with xxxx’s and is it misleading to send more than one to someone who you wouldn’t want to kiss in real life? Who knew so many questions could be raised and feelings could be expressed with just a humble ‘X’.  After taking in all these rather ridiculous points I have decided that sending kisses is down the the individual and it really doesn’t mean he likes you less if he sends no kisses at the end of a message ,just as much as if your guy-friends message you and sign off with two ‘xx’, it doesn’t mean they want to particularly kiss you in real life- they’re just perhaps being polite. When messaging friends its very much down to the individual surely whether you choose to use X or not, and not some silly ‘trendy’ writer dictating how you should use them. Life is too short surely to be considering how many ‘X’s to send and to who so I shall carry on ‘X’-ing who I like, however many times I like…..and if it leads me into trouble then so be it.

In other news I have made the executive decision to take my ipod and blog daily when in Ibiza. Apologies now dear readers, if the tone lowers for those two weeks…and I won’t be held accountable for the state I may be in when writing some blogs but I want to document holiday in the best way I know how!


thoughts please..

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