This week I am mostly:

  • Catching up with an old school friend– A fabulous evening spent sitting out in the sun and pretending we were anywhere else other than Milton Keynes. I heart the sun and laughing about days gone by
  • Flying through the trilogy ‘5o Shades‘-  because I am now one of those tragic single women that gets all wrapped up in love stories-come literature porn. It is such a good book and I am struggling to maintain my social calendar as I find myself more inclined to go to bed with Christian Grey than meet the girls after work or even watch Eastenders. I promise order will be restored…right after I finish the last book
  • Trying new things- i.e Bootcamp because Ibiza is only 54 days away (but who’s counting) and I’d like to at least go out the epitome of health as the state I will be in on return will tell a completely different story. There is also the added pressure of everybody in Ibiza being naked all the time which can make a girl feel obliged to ‘tone up’. Bootcamp has just started in Milton Keynes and was a lot of fun! Running around a field and playing cone games made me nostalgic for the days of PE and despite my muscle ache this morning I shall be going back for more!
  • Celebrating my Dad’s 52nd birthday- Yep, the best man in my life has turned 52 and I have decided to re-vamp his summer look and bought him a linen shirt…it probably won’t go down as well as I’d hoped! Dinner this evening with my favourite Isaac’s is on and I pray there will be cake.  I cannot believe how quickly this year is going too.
  • Meeting my friends’ new boyfriend– The rather intimidating moment where the shiny new boyf meets us, the girl gang, can be daunting for even the most outgoing and confident man. One of my fabulous single friends is no longer single and we had the second meeting with her rather lovely new boyf. We attempted to dial down on the scary questioning of said new boyfriend and made him feel right at home discussing nipple sizes and past disaster-moments with various men over wine in the pub. He laughed and we laugh, it was lovely! We approve 🙂
  • Listening to Ben Howard- Those who know me are well aware this is not a new found love but rather an ongoing addiction to his dreamy, smooth voice, quirky lyrics and just fabulous songs. He has been there to sing me to sleep when drunk and ranting to my best red-head and he’s encouraged many a ‘windows-down-system-up moment’  in the sun these past few days to which I am eternally grateful. Mr Ben Howard I shall be seeing you in November with said favourite red-head and it will be fabulous
  • And finally… I will be preparing for the jubilee weekend which will be spent mostly BBQ-ing with the some of the best people, drinking pimm’s, making patriotic cupcakes and generally enjoying four days off work. I will also be making the most of the sun (if it re-appears) and sampling the delights Northampton has to offer on a night out. Wish me luck!

thoughts please..

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